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Positive feedback for Jessica Mendes -- and results from her important work to help others by educating them about pornography harms


Jessica Mendes is a former pornography performer who has done a great deal of courageous and effective activism and volunteer work to help others, especially to free them from the harms of pornography, by sharing the TRUTH about the destructive porn industry. Our page on Jessica's volunteer work can be found here.

All of the feedback for Jessica posted on this page is from the following sources: 

1. Jessica's powerful speech to a class at Arizona State University. (Video)


Most of the total feedback for Jessica has been posted on this video, which is per our request when people share it with us otherwise.

2. A video discussion with Jessica and former porn performer Vanessa Belmond -- "Message to Women Considering Doing Porn"

3. A video interview by Craig Perra of the Mindful Habit with Jessica (with a special message to men about porn addiction)


4. Our Positive Feedback Page


5. Emails to our organization.

6. Twitter


The sections below are organized as follows:

A) Feedback that includes mentions of how Jessica's volunteer work that was facilitated by our organization got someone to quit using pornography, or achieved some other meaningful and significant result.

B) General positive feedback, thanks, support, or good wishes for Jessica.

C) Other relevant feedback posted on Jessica's anti-porn volunteer work, or shared with us otherwise.

Except for the feedback posted on Jessica's ASU speech video, which has no notation below, the source of feedback is noted by number after the name of the person who shared it.




This was seriously such a fantastic opportunity for my class at ASU and we were SO grateful to have Jessica with us that day. It was amazing to hear her story, experiences, and wisdom. I think my class really learned a lot that day and hopefully they will look at the world differently now. I look forward to continuing my involvement with AntiPorn.org through volunteer work and inspiring others to do the same. This is an important cause and I am so glad to be involved with such a great organization! 

Emma-Li Thompson -- Arizona State University student, AntiPornography.org Supporter and Contributor (Reached out to AntiPornography.org to request that Jessica speak to her class. The speech was recorded on video and posted at YouTube)

Hi Jessica. I just want to thank you for changing my life and the wrong perspective I had about porn. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless.

SF (5)

Hiya. Jessica's story (told in AntiPornography.org's videos), was how I've managed to get off porn, and I'm so grateful. What Jessica is doing is making a real difference to people. Getting clear of a dopamine-related addiction is no small thing - and stories like hers really matter. I'm sure that most of the people who watch porn have no idea that people are getting hurt.

NT (5)

This made me hate porn for real! 


Wow. I never knew about this. I just thought porn was where they had sex for fun and had a great time. I never knew about all the drugs and the abuse that goes on.

(?° ?? ?°)

Awesome video. Really opens your eyes on what porn can really do to someone. Thank you so much.


Damn. I didn't have a clue what they go through. Many think we just hop into things knowing everything, but sometimes we're blind.

Antonio Johnson

Thank you for your honesty. I and my son watched it together and later we had a very open conversation. I don't think he really understands what it means to be addicted to porn. But, it did give him a voice.

Monique King

Hi there. Up until today I was and may still be a massive porn addict. It's taken up most of my thoughts, actions and time in my 28 years of life.

But today I saw Jessie's university speech and her take on the industry, and it really made me stop and think. It lead me on to other things, such as the TED talk called "The Great Porn Experiment."


Both made me really think, and even though at this moment I am suffering from a severe asthma infection, I crawled over to my PC and deleted all my porn, which I'm embarrassed to say reached into the hundreds of gigs of downloaded videos. (All paid for. I'm not that bad, lol.)

Anyway, I then removed all pornstars from my Instagram contacts and from my Twitter.

I want to remember Jessica's inspiration that she has given me, to help me at least try to stay away from porn.

I'm writing to you to get this thank you to Jessica and let her know the positive impact she's now had on my life. Please let her know. :-) Thank you. X 

MB (5)

Great job. You made me see thing from a different perspective. I think you should go to college, you're very smart. Good luck on your future endeavors. 


F*ck me. I feel f*cked up for watching porn 


I've been porn-free for almost two years now. I just stumbled upon this interview and didn't know Jessica had quit porn. It made me realize how incredibly wrong it was to watch porn. I feel even more ashamed. Thank you, Jessica. I wish you all good and that you accomplish all your dreams. You have a beautiful soul and the world is yours. Keep being strong.

ninjasd1 (3)

Wow... This is really shocking.... I honestly always looked at porn as normal, and that it was normal for every one to watch it. But what is actually behind the lines is really depressing and sick....

ICE Trey

This was actually very enlightening. I like this video and agree. You guys have inspired me to stop watching the filth known as porn.

Mark Sullivan

Oh wow, I am definitely touched by this and even more glad to have decided to give up on porn a while ago. I watch programs like this to discourage myself from porn, and it certainly works. Also well done to Jessica for moving on in her life to better things. She's young enough to be my daughter, and for her to have gone through all of that already, blows my mind. Lastly thank you guys for posting the truth about the porn industry. More people need to aware about the danger it causes on both sides of the screen. 

No Way

Great job on helping to get the word out of the truth about porn. Hearing Jessie talk about what she went though and what goes on in the porn industry has been a real eye opener.

Grimes Devotion (2)

Thank you so much for sharing this. You might find it weird, but it's a kind of relief for me as well. 3 months ago I saw a porn video with a woman being really maltreated. It was a big shock for me, I couldn't understand how it was possible to do this to a girl and how it could be possible to show it legally on the internet! I was so disgusted that I haven't watched any porn since that. Moreover during the next week, I hated myself more than ever for having watched this, which makes me realized how damaging the porn has been to my psyche. Otherwise I was still disturbed by how a girl could accept to do this kind of stuff and if she could actually appreciate it. This video with Jessica brought me some answers and makes me even more motivated to never watch any porn again (and it's not easy as I started when I was 14 and I'm already 24.)

David Barrau

I literally out of curiosity found this. I knew Jessica was an advocate for different causes. I knew she stopped doing porn. Feeling reallllllly guilty now. I'm not gonna watch any of her porn vids anymore. It's very clear she does not want them viewed. This was mind blowing for me, and I can't sum up my thoughts in this small text box. I wish her all the luck in the world for what she does next with her life. 


Thank you so much to AntiPornography.org for getting in touch with me instantly and encouraging me to promote the dangers of pornography, and to Jessica who has become an inspiration to many, including myself. I will continue to research and further my knowledge on how to promote the dangers of pornography. I will do my best to promote your cause as well here in South Africa, as I've noticed the youth have been sucked into the illusion of "Easy access, Easy pleasure," as I like to call it, with pornography being at the fingertips of so many, with many of them not even understanding what it really is. Me being 18, I'm so glad I've come to know your cause. I pray that you are all blessed. #inspired

COMMENT #2: I have been truly inspired. I know that through your and Jessica's message I can reach out and change lives. It also goes hand in hand with my Catholic belief to just do good onto others, and bring the good out in others. Will keep in touch. God bless and thank you again for the support!!!

COMMENT #3: (1 month later) I would like you to know that I've been making a lot of progress enriching peoples lives with your organization's message. And like I said before, Jessica Mendes' story inspired me to undertake this task and it's proving to be successful... Many people feel a change of heart and believe they've made errors in their ways. Her story as well as many others have had profound effects on them. Will keep you posted on more things happening. Peace be with you. Jessica's message here in South Africa has touched many, and I will continue to do my part.

ADDITIONAL COMMENT VIA EMAIL: Through Jessica's YouTube videos and interviews I see a loving, caring and motivating person.

Micalyn Moodley

Wow, now I feel bad for liking her videos. Good for her for moving on with her life.


Jessica: I've been addicted to porn since I was an 8th grader. To this day I've watched porn on a daily basis. So, for over a decade I've been mentally locked by the facade of porn.

After I watched you address the students at ASU, I immediately deleted every trace of porn that I had.

Pornography is such a drug! I'm pushing my 30's and I haven't experienced the joys of a REAL relationship with a woman. That's mainly because my relationship with women has been through Paige Turnah, Caroline Pierce, Lexi Belle, Tori Black, and the thousands of other adult actresses. Not to mention, I learned about so many different genres of porn. I had favorites!

Listening to you speak nearly brought me to tears, and I'm not the guy to cry over anything. But seeing you change made me realize that I too can change. I'm glad I was able to see someone who was in the business get out, and have a voice. That is incredibly powerful!

If I could say this as well, something saddens me in today's world. Women today who aren't in the porn industry put themselves out there in a sexual way that's porn-like in a certain context. Example: if I'm shopping for groceries, I'll see a woman in yoga pants/booty-boy shorts, with a low cut shirt exposing her cleavage. I think it's frustrating to see something like that. I used to think it was sexy, but now I don't like it because of what's really going on: validation. I think that way of dressing is a setup for failure for the woman, and for the man who lusts after her body.

I don't understand why it's acceptable in today's society to dress to a point where it will draw so much attention sexually. Porn exacerbates the idea of top-notch appearances, sex, lust, attention, cosplay, and a very long list of things that are detrimental to people's general mental well being.

Lastly, I had an xHamster account for a few months. I realized that the porn community is massive. I even started doing my own amateur videos. I realized that what I was doing didn't lead anywhere, and I wasn't creating any lifelong relationships. I'm still alone in a world that contains billions of people.

I digress... I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you, even though I have no idea if you'll see this. The next few weeks will be difficult because of "withdrawals." But, I'll be able to endure. I know that it's for the greater good.

You're an inspiration for change, and proof that anyone is capable of change. Once again, thank you.

JW (5)

I always hated pornstars. I never understood what the f*ck they were thinking, getting into porn. I always talked sh*t about them. Never understood how are they not ashamed? I really thought they don't feel anything. Guess I was wrong. No one on the planet LIKES doing this sh*t. It is prostitution and the states are fucking up for letting evil like this exist. I'm glad someone actually stood up and said something. And I'm glad it was a former pornstar, cause only they know the truth. I'm glad Jessie quit a year after she entered this. She still has a whole life ahead of her. Everybody deserves a second chance!


Jessica clearly woke up and changed. She got out of the industry and is trying to enlighten and inform people for a better world. That is more than I can say for most people, even myself. I have total respect for Jessie as a woman and human being now. While I've always known that the porn industry is dodgy, performers are usually on drugs (mainly to avoid the pain), many have been molested and/or raped, bigger companies ship them around like packages etc., hearing Jessie's story made me realize that probably the high majority of pornstars are or have been in the same situation, rather than just a small number. Jessie was a pretty big name in the industry, meaning that if she isn't spared for sadistic actions, mental and physical abuse, then who is?

Vebjørn Sandvik

Porn is like a drug, you can get addicted to it and allow it to consume you. I myself was an addict once. I would watching porn anywhere from 3-6 times a day, everyday and every time I would ejaculate. Not only is it poison to your mind but it harm to the body to ejaculate that many times a day. When I realize it I started to fight my urges, try to use that energy towards something more positive. Till this day I'm still fight my urges and after watching this clip of Jessie it makes me want to give it up. Jessie really opened up my eyes to how bad the porn industry is. That could be someone's mother, daughter or wife. It's just wrong on so many different levels. I hope people watching this clip will have second thoughts about watching porn and make a conscious effort to not allow it to control us. We're not perfect but we can try to make better decisions to allow ourselves to move in the right direction.

Tony Le

Since watching this video of Jessica, I haven't been able to watch porn. Lol, like at all.

Yakuza XXI

Wow.... I must say that I am 19 and straight, no doubt, and I usually watch porn and like it, but this video.... made me cry, and made me more human than I used to be. Because porn is something so aggressive and.... yeah its ¨HOT¨ per se, but women are not pieces of meat to eat, they are humans. (Women -- I mean ALL OF THEM, including the pornstars).

I used to think that they ¨enjoyed the moment¨, but now I see its only for the f*cking disgusting and desired money... And porn, now I realize that it is a distortion to the reality of what SEX means. True sex is not like what is shown in porn. That ¨sex¨ is a sick twisted expression of crazy guys, so sick, and who are so horny that they don't think about anything but.. F*CK! SEX!... I think... I have the hope that more people get conscious of this disease!

Well, to make my story short, thanks for making me realize what I am seeing in my PC, and what I was getting into... Thank you, Jessie, :,) you are an extraordinary woman. Be proud of yourself, because of you having the courage to leave such a BIG thing. Greetings from Chile. :)

Thank you for taking the time to read this feedback. :D Oh, and I promise to myself, NEVER TO WATCH PORN AGAIN.

Please tell (or email) Jessie to read this... I would be very happy. :D Just so she can know...

Tomás Jesús

Jessica, I want to thank you so much for opening my eyes. I have suffered from porn addiction for a long time. Porn videos are so deceiving, and it brainwashed me into thinking that girls are enjoying everything being done to them. I realized it is because I lacked the knowledge of the things happening in the industry.

I think you are a beautiful, strong woman, and I have sympathy for you because you are able to use your past to help others. More power to you. 

Anonymous (4)

This video really touched me!!! Please share it!!!!

shain media

I have a lot of work to do because her testimony brought upon tears and sorrow. Thank you.

mrmistertank (3)

Well, I have to admit that I have watched porn for a long time and always told myself that "these people like what they do," etc. However, that's over. Videos like this educated me and now I know what is really going on in this "industry". The abuse and the disrespect for human beings which is implicated in the process of making porn is horrific, and for anybody who has some empathy or ethics there can be only one answer: considering porn as a threat not only for women but for all people involved. So I decided that I will never watch porn again and I will tell all my friends what is happening there. 

Also I read something about the new wave of sadistic "rough porn", which builds up on the explicit humiliation of women; it is totally disgusting, even compared to the horrible "normal porn". Producers like "Max Hardcore" and "Khan Tusion" are sadistic sociopaths and hate women, and they are violating women so badly that I just can't understand why they don't rot in jail or a mental institution, where they obviously belong.

However, I want to let you anti-porn activists know that I truly believe that what you are doing is the right thing. You defend principal human rights and I'm sure that there will be a time when our society as a whole considers porn as the horrible, nihilistic thing it really is. By the way, Jessica seems to be a very nice and bright person and I'm glad that she did what she had to do to protect herself. People who come out and tell the truth are always admirable. Good luck!


I searched on YouTube and stumbled upon this. I feel so bad now. I had no idea porn stars went through all of this... I truly feel bad for her and with myself...

OMGFDB (Name edited because of profanity)

The first time I saw Jessica I didn't believe she was a porn star because she is too beautiful. I wish she can have the life she wants. Well thanks for sharing this video. I'm not going to watch porn any more. I was going to, but after watching this video I changed my mind. 

And is true what she says here, it affects the consumers too. Personally now I know why I was too nervous in high school with all the girls that I liked. It affected me, and still when I talk with a girl my age I get too nervous immediately. I'm starting to hate porn! It affected me since I was 6 years old when my classmates -- not friends of course -- showed me magazines. Since then I started to have porn problems. I wish none of this had got into my life.

jovany valencia

I started watching porn when I was 14. It was really more like an escape from my life and to pass my time. I was bullied verbally since middle school, and somehow watching porn made me feel like I was somebody else, and I grew an intense connection with porn.

I've been into BDSM ever since, but I portray a different person in real life. I've never shown this side of me to anyone, not even my family. I guess porn has provided me with an instant getaway. I felt living this way was somehow sinful or wrong, but I kept going.

Long story short, 6 years down the road I was still watching porn until recently I found that "Jessie Rogers" quit porn, and I found this website. (AntiPornography.org)

It's really mind blowing, and Jessica has really done a great job of explaining the dark side of porn, and that no one benefits from it on both sides of the screen.

It truly hit me because, despite loving BDSM, I however am anti-exploitation, and harshly against human trafficking and sexual objectification. I am shocked by the profound effects to the porn stars and how they are addicted to drugs and alcohol, which I personally avoid.

Jessica Mendes' videos have truly opened up my mind my eyes, and I've now not watched a single porn video in over 8 months, and am planning to stop permanently. Apart from that I'm trying my best to spread around to my porn addict friends about this website.

BRAVO TO JESSICA MENDES, as she made an addict like me feel sick about the dark side of porn. Jessica is doing great efforts. I support her and AntiPornography.org all the way.

20 year old male (4)

I thought pornstars enjoy and love what they do... At least now it's clear that they don't like this... But for as long as there are perverted audiences who pay money to give it to the porn companies... the porn industry will never be stopped... We all should stop watching porn!!! Thank you, Jessica, for coming out. I hope you inspire more people. :)

Joe Nash

Thanks to Jessica and The Mindful Habit. This is what I needed to break free for certain. I was in a moment of thinking of "going back", but luckily I came across this. Truly, thanks for saving me from the inevitable despair porn brings. Great day to all, and may all find the strength within to break free. Our ultimate power is within, I believe. Peace. 

MindSynth2050 (3)

Jessica... In my opinion, you have a wealth of strength. After I watched this clip I was in shock. I was shocked by the obvious, (your personal experiences), but mostly I was taken aback by the way you were able to communicate without falling apart and crying. I have been through a lot myself, and I still have a hard time not crying my eyes out sometimes when I am talking about the past. Anyway, if you ever happen to read my little reply, I hope it serves as a reminder to you if you're ever feeling down. Though it seems unlikely an insignificant nobody such as myself could or would ever be a voice of hope for you in a time of need, I would gladly, and gently, remind you of your incredible strength and what you've overcome. Most importantly though, I must add, I am proud of you for using your "podium" as a way to reach out to, and help others. Good for you! 


Dear Miss Mendes, I strongly applaud your valiance and your character to come forth as a woman to help those clouded with misconceptions about the porn industry, and for them to see the light, myself included. Although you may not be asking for anyone's pity, I must say that I feel terribly sorry on your part that you befell such horrific physical and mental abuse. I am glad that you are tough enough to pull through and are striving to achieve such great goals with regard to your education in a college, and your goal to possibly enter the medical field. It is my most sincere wish that you should succeed in your hopes and dreams, especially after the hell that you went through.

As for your speech's effect unto me, I must say that I have viewed pornography for much longer and much more frequently than I care to admit. Your video is the first of several that I am looking into for a way to cast aside my devious attachments to the audio-image supplement with any permanency.

Thank you for your contribution to my quest in dispatching of this unfortunate fixation, Sincerely, Nicholas M. Grass

Nicholas Grass

Damn.... I don't think I'm gonna masturbate again.


I'm really happy for you and your story touched my heart. Even though I never acted in porn and shared in your experience, I know what it's like to be beaten relentlessly and feel like you're gonna die. I was viciously assaulted by three men who beat me with a skate board and steel toed boots and literally told me they were gonna kill me while I lay helpless in a parking lot. Two of them are now in jail for attempted murder for shooting another man. So anyway...I relate to that and that part of your story when said you felt like you "were gonna die that night" really bothered me and cut deep. It made me cry. Your story was even worse so I applaud you on your bravery on coming forward. 

Sometimes my choices in life bother me, and I feel like a failure, and things from my past and the hurt of abuse has scared me, but I fight it and I'm doing well and am surrounded by good people. Your story is very inspiring and I think what you're doing is heroic and can save lives. Watching your video gave me even more hope for my future. Thank you.

G.G. Geraldson

Hi! I work with a lot of young people who often struggle with pornography addictions, break free of them, and then have a passion to see this new drug gone!

I was personally very moved by Jessica's story and sharing, and would love to be able to talk to her about the possibility of sharing her story with some of our young people, as well as sharing on the harmful effects of pornography. I would just really love to start a dialogue and if at all possible see what some of her thoughts are.

Thank you so much Jessica. I wish I could explain to you how much you have touched my life. 

EB (5)

Hi Jessica,

The first thing I would like to share with you is that the first time I saw you was on YouTube, where I saw you as a person, and not as a porn-performer. 
When I viewed your videos and stories on the YouTube channel of AntiPornography.org it saddened me a lot, to learn that such good and nice women once had their souls destroyed, and had been brought so much pain, both physically and mentally.
I do believe that we as people need to be really self-aware, so that we do not need technology as much as they let us believe. We need to be more in touch with nature and the people around us, instead of isolating ourselves in our digital screens and letting ourselves be controlled and manipulated. By doing so we would kill the porn industry, because they wouldn't be able to control us anymore on the Internet, because we would be using it to a bare minimum. 
I do hope that a lot of people want to hear and see your story and do get shocked by it, so that they do not watch porn anymore. Still, it could be that a lot of people don't want to hear it. But that is only a confirmation to me about what Nietzsche once said: People don't want to hear the truth, because they don't want their illusions destroyed. I do believe he is right. We create a certain safe-haven in our minds for ourselves, and once we establish it we don't want it to be taken away by anyone.
It's time to stop watching pornography and overly sexualized images, to re-educate the people around us, to start doing the things that bring us happiness, and to be beautiful, respected human beings once again. It's time to embrace and share love once again, and to no longer think in terms of materialism and the individual-minded culture.
I have a lot of respect for you Jessica, and Vanessa also, that after so much misery and pain you still find the strength to overcome all this sorrow, and to do things that bring you love and joy. When I see the picture of you at AntiPornography.org with your brown dog that you are hugging, I can see the joy in your eyes. It is amazing to see that when a person lets their inner-light shine, it can only make me happy and cause a simple smile. This might seem unimportant at first, but without you realizing it, you are spreading more love than you know.
Jessica: Your voice is the cure for the cruel and destructive pornography that polluted my soul. Thank you so much for setting me free from it. :-)
The impact that your story is having on me -- and probably many visitors to AntiPornography.org -- might seem a small thing, but because of it we learn to see women once again in all their true natural beauty as full humans, and not as slaves anymore.
I wish you all the love, beauty and respect that you deserve. Best of luck in your studies, and have a very Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year. 
An awakened soul will live in light for eternity, and sees and respects love and life in all things.

NLJ (5)



I think the work of Jessica Mendes and Vanessa Belmond is hugely inspiring. I am hugely supportive of their work.

Kat Banyard, Author of The Equality Illusion - katbanyard.org -- Founder of UK Feminista - ukfeminista.org.uk (5)

Hi, I admire and encourage your noble cause to go anti-porn and to help get the world to be a better place for us and for the coming generations. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Abdullah Al-Humaidan

Jessica, you are brave courageous woman. You are to be admired. Stay strong! You can make a difference and help others. 


Well done! Thank you for the insight about the things going on behind the scenes, that are undoubtedly confirming porn being a rotten pit of cultural decadence of human sexuality. I was addicted, and developed porn-induced erectile dysfunction. Now I'm in rehabilitation and these testimonies are so powerful in realizing that viewing porn is destructive for the viewer and the performer... Thank you so much for your testimony, Jessica. I wish you all the best!

Marko Tintilinic

Inspiring! Definitely more beautiful using her intellectual God-given talents. Kudos to you, Jessica.

Pablo Escobar

Wow this is crazy. It really is a different perspective. Good job, Jessica.


Thank you for sharing your important story. I appreciate it. It's important for us to hear voices like yours. I wish you the best.

Leila Kincaid

Jessica is very articulate and makes excellent points. She seems particularly sincere, and I'm glad she's doing well. 


I really respect you. I am very happy that you have moved ahead. Stay determined and god bless you. 

j vic

Jessica is one of the luckier ones... She must have been strong inside somewhere to be able to pick herself up the way she did. And I love her so much for her having turned her negative experience into something so positive. She is helping so many people. There are tons more out there with stories just like her. I'd like to put her in my Amazing Women category here in the community. : )

Did you watch the 43 minute video I posted here? "Demand" Documentary? (http://www.antipornography.org/Demand_documentary.html) Omg... it explains the whole process so well, the whole chain from the buyers all the way to the top guys. The stories in there of these poor poor girls stolen or given hope only to find themselves in a strange country, maybe not going to school at all, but in a brothel, or on the street, working in the sex industry... some as young as 6. : ( I bet most people today have no idea how much sex slavery there is even here in North America. 

Erika Kovich

Thank you for shedding light on a dark cruel industry. You are brave.

CityBibleGroup (2)

I am so glad that you got out of the industry. You are worth so much more!! I hope you have a happy and prosperous life. 

maggie bridget

Thank you for your courage, Jessica. 


Jessica is doing a sh*tload of stuff to advocate about the porn industry. She's making a difference in the lives of many. 

Erika Kovich

Bless you, girl. May you find the peace you certainly deserve.


Brave lady for telling her story. 

Bryna Loewer

Jessica, The Lord is with you. Your story really broke our heart, and we bless you so you can have the courage and strength to keep open the eyes of those trapped in that evil industry on "both sides of the screen". We will pray that you could continue on your work inspiring other girls to quit the "Porn Industry Hell".... I am glad that you found out in time that you are not a piece of meat, the raw material for that evil empire, that you are a beautiful young lady with a soul, intelligence, feelings, and a lot of dreams and goals to achieve!!! Be blessed!

Jose Villar

You're right, Jessica! Especially these days, the porn is so sadistic. Seems like now it's all anal sex, and not just a beautiful woman in lingerie having normal sex with a guy. It's messed up, and some of the European stuff is even more tailored for guys that clearly must enjoy abusing women. You are a nice person, and are right to have respect for yourself and warn others of the predators in this industry. 

George Graham

I'm sorry for this girl's experience of being molested as a minor, and then by a porn actor, and wish her all the best.

Mango Miguel

She looks blessed, peaceful. Watching this made me happy. Thank you, Jessica Mendes.

Edward Nygma

I feel so angry about this. HOW COULD THEY do this to you? Just how? ... fkn assholes.. hope they get caught by Karma sooner or later and get punished. Glad you got out in time. God bless.

esrapk 5

I used to like her before. But knowing she had left the industry, it opened my eyes and heart to like her even MORE to what she has leaped into now; a new life and future.


She's a lovely person who finally found a real way to live! I'm glad I stumbled upon this video... 

jason botello

It was fantastic to talk to Jessica about porn addiction and what it's like on the other side of the lens. This is one of the most powerful interviews I have ever done. See what life is really like as a female porn star and tell me you still enjoy watching these women have "consensual sex."

"Craig, this video made me cry." (Viewer feedback)

Craig Perra - The Mindful Habit (3)

I commend you for breaking away from the egregious porn industry.

Jacob Ashuri

What a sweet girl. I wish her all the best. I feel for her and hope she finds happiness. 

Myst Eree

Jessica, when I first saw your face, I knew that you didn't belong in porn. You're too pretty and angelic for that kind of stuff.


I'm glad she got out of porn. She is very sweet and I hope she lives a fulfilling life.

Klaus Steinermann

A good eye-opener. I think everyone should see this... Instead of getting caught up in the lust, pay attention to how disgusting this all is...

demon69120 (3)

This f*cked up sh*t needs to stop. This is why rape is so prominent today......


It's always good to hear people taking control of their lives and not being forced into doing things they don’t want to do, or being exploited because they may be reaching out for help at a difficult point in their lives. Hope you continue to walk the straight and narrow road and you stay focused on your goals.

A Britain

Happy for Jessica for making it out.

Mauricio Beniquez

I always thought you were so sweet! Good luck with your new life!


God Bless you AntiPorn.org... and bless these ex pornstars with a new life of happiness... true happiness

Dark Prince (2)

What a sweet girl, she is nothing like the person she's portrayed as in those scenes of hers. Glad she loves herself, she's so young and beautiful. Glad she's happy and healthy. 


I wish her all the best things! God bless you, Jessica

Polina Air

She's so beautiful. I hope she's much happier now.


Thanks, Ms. Jessica. Brave person. Be strong.


Obviously she was young and naive, and was clearly taken advantage of by the porn industry. Jessica's a beautiful girl, and she is more than young enough to start her life over. She deserves a good life. I don't like seeing anyone or anything suffer. College is always a good option. If a lady can quit the business to try and create a new life because she realizes the mistakes, give her credit.

Richard L

It's unfortunate she had to have those experiences, and I can understand why she turned to porn at that time in her life, but you can easily tell she's a changed person and genuine about her regrets. People always make mistakes, and have regrets, but society can't hold it against them forever. I hope this girl gets to enjoy her life. 

zachary reyna (3)

Man, I'm so happy for her. May God Bless her and her future. :) 


It is always to be glorified when someone steps away from the darkness and into the light. Porn is commercialized prostitution, and there is no truth in its indecencies -- only heartache, misdirection and lies in the foundation or structure of lust and its illicit actions. I pray for your continued sobriety, Jessica... Stay strong and resilient. I like that you are part of a movement against corruption and unfruitful acts. Helping by the means of loving others and yourself is necessary in life.


Jessica, I would advise that you just believe in yourself. I think you are a very strong girl. You have made the correct decision. People land up in problems but then fight their way out.

Rahul Kaushal

This video is all too true. Awareness needs to raised about how a lot of these girls are treated. Sharks prey on the weak, drug them, and promise them the world. This is happening way too much. Good for Jessica to stand up for what she believes. 

kornishbats (Someone who works in the porn industry)

We all make mistakes and we all do sh*t things, but no one deserves to be judged in a cruel way. I wish her all the luck in the world. She is so beautiful, I hope she finds a healthy relationship.

Hilton Boenos Aires

I'm glad to hear that you found a way out and I wish you the best.

lee chan

What a beautiful lady! I do hope and wish for the best for her. :)


Jessica Mendes, stay strong forever.


First of all, congratulations on this new beginning in life. Jessica is beautiful and deserves so much better. Also saw porn before, but now I'm letting it go precisely because it is not good. I can speak a little English and I consider it would be great if this video and others could have translations within the same page. I understand written English well, but not the audio. It would be great if other countries could follow this move. Congratulations.


It's a real eye opening message about the porn industry and how it affects everyone involved from participants to viewers. 


Thank you for your bravery and honesty.

John Dough

Glad shes speaking out. I hope this message is shared.

brennabelkonen (3)

I am so glad that you got out of the industry. You are worth so much more!! I hope you have a happy and prosperous life. 

maggie bridget

You are strong, an Awesome Earth Angel of God!!! Good for you, Girl.

M.R Carter

It's so inspiring watching this. This is sadly what our modern society has created. We like to think that we are in a new era of equality and freedom (especially in the west), when the truth is the opposite. Jessica, when I see your name I associate it with a brave independent woman who everyone should aspire to. Sometimes it makes you ashamed to be a man. Please know that not every man is like this, and there really are kind-hearted men who support and follow your cause. 

Geoffrey Buckston

Good Luck; and enjoy your new life.

Cesar Funk

Jessica; With your own inner strength you were able to get out of the industry and change your life for the better. You are an inspiration. You are living proof that there's hope for other women in the industry. For that I want to thank you for sharing your story. I am very happy for you and I hope that you continue your new life with much success.

Sydney (5)

You are so beautiful, lovely face, and everything.... It's awesome that you got out of that! 

Julio Andres

That took courage, ^5 you girl. Stay strong.


You are a brave and intelligent woman. Keep on spreading your important message!

???? ??

You are so honest, Jessica, and I appreciate that. This interview should awaken a lot of people's minds on the porn industry. God bless you.

arrowwes (3)

Wow... Jessica thank you so much for doing this interview. It is so important for men and women to hear your voice and others like it on this subject, because in the fantasy world that is the porn industry we never get to hear them, which I believe makes it far easier to objectify and dehumanize men and women in these videos. Will be sharing this with many people. 

Caleb Foust (3)

I know the whole thing is bad and like you say, it is not respectful to the body. I joined NoFap and try to help myself that way, but it is difficult when the urges come up...I am not giving up, though. I see myself free of this. Just got to keep going. I just realized, she is just under a year younger than me 0.o Well that hits deep....

Zachary Calkins (3)

Eye-opening interview. Thank you. I guess I like porn as much as the next guy. Now I have to say I am 52 years old and I hadn't really had much exposure to this new kind of porn, with its emphasis on degrading and pseudo-hurting the girl. It's not really my thing and I can see how this would normalize this behavior with a lot of the younger viewers. Obviously that is a dangerous way to go and I just wonder what mainstream porn will be like in another 10 or 20 years?? Snuff porn??

Both you (Craig) and Jess raised some interesting points -- some I had not considered. The most profound one for me was that if you are doing a bit of solitary fapping in private, (is there any other kind?), even that seemingly innocuous activity is having an effect on the world at large. On the surface, is it? But I thought about it and yes, indeed, fapping away for however long is taking you away from other productive activity. And all the fantasies involved with masturbation are diminishing the other sexual relation(s) in your life.

Oh, and the thing that struck me the most is how much more beautiful Jessie looks now compared to before; she is definitely a special person and she is obviously going to have a greater impact now.

Pablo Escobar (3)

Thank you, Jessica, for speaking out. This is very powerful. So many men struggle with porn, and this is a new perpesctive that I'm sure most of us don't think about.

Mark Weslor (3)

Just heard your radio interview on Soundcloud. Very enlightening and encouraging. Wish you nothing but the best. #antiporn

RisenAgainstTheBeast (@KQJAP) (6)

Mad respect for her. Thank you so much for this video!

Anne-Dauphine Borione (3)

This is the cold, hard, honest, unabridged truth about the porn industry. Such a great video! It reminds us that this industry isn't all glamor and fun and freedom and money and all that they hype it up to be. It probably causes more problems, challenges and limitations for people - particular the actors - than it actually helps. Enter at your own peril should be the message these girls are given before signing up.

Quit Porn Group Text Hotline Help for Porn Addiction (2)

I have a major addiction to porn I'm trying to get rid of. I really appreciate what Jessica is doing. I would like to see the porn industry burn for what its done to me (the industry itself, not the people in it). We should make porn illegal. Porn degenerates the function of the frontal lobe which controls self control. I'm tired of letting porn control me. 

Michael Huang

Individuals on both sides of the screen are damaged. Many men struggle with porn due to emotional damage themselves and poor self esteem. The drug of choice for this emotional pain is sexual fantasy. Instant dopamine hit, but like all addictions ends in death of the self. Well done Jessica, for having the courage to speak out. 


Jessica, your story is very inspiring. I have fought demons myself, same as you have, albeit not the same ones. Your courage and determination define you.

Thanks for sharing your story and inspiring others to better themselves. By the way, I'm a 22 yr old male, so I'm not much older than you. (If not the same age?) I've grown up fast, same as you. You'll make it!

DS (5)

It brings me joy knowing that another beautiful young lady, Jessica Mendes, is being spared from the emotional pain and the absolute corruption of porn, on all levels, and that she has been able to leave that behind her and move on to a life of respect, honesty and happiness. I also commend her for speaking out against an industry that promotes violence and mental anguish on women. I can't imagine how many lives have been destroyed from being a part of this toxic industry. God bless you Jessica, and I hope and pray that your life be filled with happiness and may the desires of your heart be granted to you.

Abel Vasquez

Just re-watched your webinar with Craig Perra on YouTube. Thank you. I did not know about the trauma in your childhood. It should be a MUST VIEW for everyone who watches porn. God bless you for all you do now.


Just finished listening to your Lana Reid interview and I have more respect for you than ever. Fitting it was done on Honesty Day.

Wes Cardinal (@wescard) (6)

Thanks for your testimony on your life as a porn star. I hope can it be an inspiration to young women and men on the dangers of the porn lifestyle. It is not a victimless act. It hurts both sides -- actresses, actors, and fans who buy into this experience. You shed a light into the darkness and for that I thank you. I hope you find peace. God bless you richly. 

Enoch Parker

I don't know what else anyone needs to hear to see that porn is harmful. This is straight from the mouth of someone who was in the industry and now out of it. I mean, she's telling you the horrors, very matter of factly. And we've heard many stories like hers. So the pro-porn folks - maybe some of them are in the industry & are relatively unharmed - that still doesn't prove this industry as a whole isn't harmful. That would be like me saying, "I came back from the Gulf War unharmed, so therefore the institution of war isn't harmful."

Quit Porn Group Text Hotline Help for Porn Addiction

I wish Jessica the best of luck with school and her new life! 

CT (5)

Very powerful and insightful video. Personally, just capturing those images to your mind is so dangerous, it's like recording, and you dwell on it constantly. The best freedom I found is making it a habit of not just looking at women and their body parts out and about, lusting after them. Again, you record that to your mind for more fantasy, which leads to more masturbating, which leads looking at webcam girls, which leads back to lusting after women. It's a vicious cycle and can rule your life. It's great to just look at women as women and not just sex objects. It takes work, but any man can find this freedom. Lust doesn't have to control you.

One thing I would say is that it is a fantasy to the viewer, and that's also what makes it so dangerous. You get wrapped up in this fantasy virtual world, and one key to getting free from porn-viewing is realizing it is a fantasy world, and no women are really like this. And in reality, they are just pixels, you will never hold them, touch them, let alone have a loving relationship with them. These are truths I have to remind myself as one addicted to on-line porn.

Thank you for the reality check.


I have been inspired to begin writing a screenplay that dives into the subject matter of the porn industry, and the horrors of it. While there have been a great deal of documentaries, as well as fictional movies covering this territory, I would like to take a different approach that is harsher, louder, more poetic, and even frightening /surreal (but honest).

I think cinema is one of the strongest forms of art that has the potential to change the perspectives of mass audiences. Our role is to open the minds and enlighten others around us. This is exactly what I would like to do with a film on this topic. My idea was initially inspired by Jessica Mendes, whose story of a life altering perception shift in 2012, led her to a life of sobriety and a much healthier path. I myself experienced a similar shift in 2012, also leading to a sober and healthier lifestyle at the age of 24 (now 26).

I think all of the former performers have very interesting stories. JessicaMendes' story involving the scary amount of physical abuse that led her to the hospital, is one that was very striking to me. I think it would be very interesting to make a scripted narrative that actually does justice to the horrors of the porn industry. From what I can see, the only one that sort of sticks out would be Boogie Nights, and even that glorifies it all in a comedic way. Don Jon was also probably the most recent example that lightly and humorously touches on the subject, bringing to our attention how it damages a man in this time that we live in. But I think if a movie were to be made drawing on someone like Jessie's experience, for example, that could be a highly effective nightmare. It is absolutely surreal and terrifying. 

VDG (5)

Thanks, this video was eye opening. You guys should also check out the TED Talk, "Why I Stopped Watching Porn." (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRJ_QfP2mhU) It is related to this topic. Both are very insightful.

Ivan-Noel Duran

You have a brother in me, Jessica, earned by your testimony. Whatever you need to fulfill your mission, I will gladly give.

Kevin McLemore ThD (@KevinMarriageDr) (6)

Dear Jessica: I am 64 years old. I've been into porn for many years. 11 years ago I suffered a massive stroke. I have come a long way since that time. I'm not married. I tried to avoid looking at pornography sites now. I think you guys are doing wonderful work. I don't think pornography is healthy.

Sincerely, Ralph

Ralph (4)

This beautiful woman is Jessica. I admire her work to psychologically help people who need moral and rational support after porn!! Congratulations.

Diogo Di

Keep it up Jessica. You're an inspiration. Congrats for leaving such a destructive environment.

Akbar Azad

Hi Ms. Mendes. I find you very courageous for doing what you are doing. I really feel for what you have gone through, and what women are going through right now. It saddens me deeply. 

DL (5)

Dear Jessica,

I've just watched your / AntiPornography.org video speech to ASU on YouTube and wanted to say very well done for getting out of the industry when you did and not becoming swallowed up by it. You answered questions and confirmed suspicions I've had about the industry for a while. Thanks for having the courage and strength to speak out and educate people who have no idea just how terrible and corrupting that industry is. I really hope your terrible experiences haven't given you a deep mistrust of all men, and you can find someone (if you haven't found them already) that treats you with the respect, honour and love you deserve. Lastly, if people want to throw the past in your face, just remember: God cares about who you are, not who you were. God Bless!

Ben from the UK (5)



This world is made up of those people who think money is the only way that they could lead a fully satisfied life. Hence few unlucky people join this PORN association. Later they realize this and by that time they have already drowned in this whirlpool. I used to be a porn addict then I started practicing meditation and service to the society. Now whenever I accidentally jump into such sites I only have pity for those actors who show they are enjoying... but inside they are crying for help. Thanks to antiporn.org. These guys are doing great service. I guess anti-porn must spread their awareness on a larger scale.

aditya rao

Damn! I used to work in the porn business like 15 years ago. Thank god I'm no longer in there! I was not an actor, but more a camera man.


I feel like sh*t because I have been a pornaholic for a very long time. I have three daughters now and I can't even look at it without thinking, "This girl has a family and possible children, this is sad." I'm not saying I judge them. I just feel bad that they felt that porn was the only opportunity.

Josh Jackson

Hello Jessica, I really appreciate what you are doing.

I have to be honest. I watch porn but I almost stopped (not completely so far) after seeing this video:

Why I stopped watching porn | Ran Gavrieli | TEDxJaffa


I feel you should also address men also in your videos and talk shows. Porn is addictive and men watch all the time. I haven't met a guy who does not watch porn so far.

The porn industry makes both men and women harm their bodies. Men try to make their penis very long by using lot of equipment and pills. Even women are mentally getting programmed to go on dates with men only based on their penis size.

You should also address the real reason men in porn industry can keep up the strong erection, using drugs like Caverject. This unreal fantasy is ruining normal people.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks, John 

John Rivers (4)

I'm so glad more and more women are speaking about their experiences in porn. The pain of the unrealistic positions, the humiliation, the abuse they suffered in earlier life and later in porn. Surely somehow this will eventually stop people from clicking on porn. Knowing that these women are being used, hurt, and degraded might stop them becoming excited, and instead create a feeling of disgust. Only when people stop clicking these links will the industry fall into the dump heap where it belongs. I also feel sad that despite porn stars turning away, the companies that make this rubbish continue to make money from these girls, which of course is their only goal. Make money from the girls, and abuse the general public -- who are ignorant to what is going on. Also creating addictions that ruin lives and families. 

JC cole

When we watch porn, most of us are so uninformed. We tend to think these girls are loving what they do. We sit there and selfishly enjoy... A large percentage of these girls are actually prisoners of sex slave rings. And those who go in willingly, like this girl, also go through so much bullsh*t, fear and pain. Many drug themselves up to be able to perform. Please watch this video and hear this ex-pornstar's story. It has a happy ending for her... but so many others are not this lucky. It's NOT a safe industry, in case some of you are considering this for the money.

Erika Kovich


Well done, Jessica, for reaching so many people all around the world, and for creating such positive changes in their lives! We know you've done the same for many more people who were too shy to comment, and that your powerful work will continue to create a huge impact.

Pornography not only fuels porn addiction and harms the performers, but it also destroys relationships and families, fuels underage and illegal prostitution, drives international sex trafficking and sex slavery of women and children, and promotes, endorses and fuels rape, sexual harassment and assault, and all forms of violence against women and children. So, any and all work to speak out against the harms of pornography also helps to reduce ALL forms of sexual exploitation and abuse.  

So once again, on behalf of our organization and all humanity, we thank you for your priceless contributions to help others! :-)

~ The Team at AntiPornography.org Nonprofit Organization 

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Jessica testifying at the California Senate about unsafe working conditions in the porn industry

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*Pat Trueman  (Founder of Pornography Harms) Pamela Paul  (Author of "Pornified")

Dr. Jill C. Manning (Author:"What's the Big Deal about Pornography? A Guide for the Internet Generation")

Dr. Judith Reisman   *Dr. Robi Sonderegger



*Shared Hope International     Free the Slaves

*IJM Institute (International Justice Mission)   *Global Centurion   *Live2free

*ECPAT - USA (End Child Prostitution & Trafficking)  *Beyond Borders (ECPATCanada)

*T-Stop (Texas Sex Trafficking Obliteration Project)   *Love146 NYC Task Force

*End Slavery NT (End Slavery in Tennessee and Beyond)   *Chab Dai Coalition

*Justice and Care (South Asia)  *Rock Against Slavery   End Demand

Overexposed, the Movie   Call and Response, the Movie    *Nowhere2Hide

CASEY (Community Against Sexual Exploitation of Youth. Canada)   




*Parents Television Council   *Web Wise Kids   *InternetSafety.com

*ClearInternational   *Cyber Safety Book  (Ken Knapton)   *Optenet PC



*PornAddictionHelp YouTube Channel - AntiPornography.org project with MANY videos & resources!

*Inner Gold    *Fight the New Drug   *Compulsion Solutions   The Mindful Habit

*Porn Game Over    MeadowCrest   Your Brain on Porn    HealthySex.com (Wendy Maltz)   Reboot Nation

Sexual Recovery Institute    *Just Be Well    *No-Porn.com  No-Porn.com Message Board

*Impulse Treatment Center (Sex Addict Treatment - Don L. Matthews)   *Covenant Eyes   *Stepping Inward

*Mindful Recovery   My Porn Addiction Story - Porn Addiction Help from a Former Addict

Porn Addicts Anonymous  Porn & Relationships Q&A (By "Porn Trap's'" Wendy Maltz)  Addicted to Internet Porn

Porn Addict Hubby  (Relationship Rescue for Wives & Girlfriends of Internet Porn Addicts)

Partners of Sex Addicts Resource Center    The Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH)

Don't Reward Bad Behaviour - Guidance for Partners of Porn Addicts  Desert Solace

Petra Bueskens of PPMD Therapy (Australia)   PPMD Therapy Facebook   Guilty Pleasure

QuitPorn Group Text Hotline - "To become a member and join our group text community, start by texting QUITPORN to 23559"  Twitter: @QuitPornHotline  YouTube: QuitPornTextHotline



Check out this very helpful directory of over 1,000 entries in the United States!




Saavi Accountability -- The only online accountability program that works with all online addictions. It is also the only program that sends notifications instantly via text message to an accountability partner so that they can be supportive when an individual needs it the most at the point of weakness, while they are accessing the online content. The software was created by a young man (26) who overcame his addiction and is trying to help others.  



No-Porn.com Message Board

Porn Addict Hubby Discussion Board  (For Wives & Girlfriends of Internet Porn Addicts)

NOTE: There are MANY anti-porn and porn addiciton discussion groups and pages at Facebook.

Just search GROUPS and PAGES for "porn addiction", "pornography addiction", "sex addiction", "anti-porn," "antiporn," "anti-pornography" & "antipornography"


For more than 50 personal stories documenting the harms of compulsive and/or excessive pornography use and/or pornography addiction please see our "Porn Harm Stories" page.  Thank you.





OTHER HELPFUL FAQs & Q&As: (By other anti-pornography organizations, etc) 

*Gail Dines Q&A     *Against Pornography FAQ    Pornography FAQ - By Pro-feminist Michael Lovan

  *Shelley Lubben Q&A (Ex-Porn Star)    Prostitution FAQ at Genderberg      Fight the New Drug FAQ   

(Note: The No Porn Northampton FAQ is in the bottom half of their sidebar. In addition to the usual questions about pornography it addresses questions and concerns about activism against sexually oriented businesses such as "adult bookstores.")

AntiPornography.org's "Frequently Asked Questions & Responses to Pro-Pornography Arguments"


Shared Hope International specifically focuses on fighting the demand for commercial sexual exploitaiton, including addressing pornography as a very significant demand factor for sex trafficking. 

Please see their excellent report on this issue:

Pornography: Creating Demand for International Sex Trafficking


"Pornography is a marketing device for sex trafficking: It normalizes degradation and violence as acceptable and even inevitable parts of sex, and uses the bodies of real women and children as objects. The difference between pornography and erotica is clear in the roots of the words themselves -- porne means females slaves, eros means love -- so pornography, like rape, is about violence and domination, not sex. Millions of lives depend on our ability to separate pornography from erotica, and to disentangle violence from sexuality."

Gloria Steinem, 2006

For information about Gloria Steinem's important work of fighting against the harms of pornography, sex trafficking and other forms of sexual exploitation and abuse, including videos and an audio interview, please see our page on Gloria Steinem. Click here.


For more information on how pornography fuels prostitution and sex trafficking, please see our page on Pornography and Trafficking.  Click here.  Thank you!



Please remember that it is not up to AntiPornography.org, the other organizations listed on this page, the government, or "someone else" to do the entire job of fighting against the devastating harms of pornography, prostitution, trafficking, and other forms of sexual exploitation or abuse. It is an enormous job and the responsibility lies with each and every one of us to do our part as part of the bigger team of those who are choosing to be part of the solution of creating a more just and humane world for everyone, rather than be part of the problem.

So thank you in advance for whatever you are able to contribute to the cause, whether in the form of a tax-deductible donation or your actions. What you do does matter, so for the sake of all those across the world who are being exploited and abused, and for the sake of the future of humanity, please do what you can to create a more compassionate and safer society for all.

Thank you for whatever you are able to give or do to help create a better world for everyone, especially for women, children and future generations.




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