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Here are AntiPornography.org's YouTube channels' statistical and other results achieved so far: (As of Jan. 2016) (See lower down for general goals and other results.)

Note: These statistics are for our eight YouTube channels, and all of their videos combined. For specific documentation of most of the below points see our YouTube channels (listed at our main AntiPornographyOrg channel on the right) or scroll down to lower on this page.

  • More than 18 million views total of all anti-pornography, anti-prostitution and anti-sadomasochism videos. 
  • More than 7 million unique viewers reached in total. 
  • Over 200 video playlists created about various forms of sexual exploitation and abuse. 
  • More than 30,000 comments posted by video viewers and channel visitors. (Including hundreds of statements of support and solidarity, numerous testimonials of how pornography or other forms of sexual exploitation have harmed them, and many expressions of gratitude for how our vidoes have helped them learn the truth about the harms of the sex trade, etc.) 
  • Numerous people helped to stop using pornography. See examples below.
  • Several young women prevented from entering into the sex industry or helped in leaving it. See examples below.
  • Many new activists created and/or facilitated to create their own channel &/or videos.
  • Thousands of people expressing new awareness of the harms of pornography and sexual exploitation, as a result of our videos, channels and personal interactions.
  • More than 17,000 subscribers to all of our channels. 


AntiPornography.org YouTube Project:

Basic Goals and Sample Results

(Comments below documenting results were all posted by YouTube users either as comments on our AntiPornographyBlog channel or on APB videos.)

To reduce global demand for the sexual exploitation of women and girls.  (By educating males about the harms of pornography and prostitution, and getting them to question and examine their pornography and sex trade use, and thereby helping them to stop or lessen their use of pornography and prostituted females, or to never become users in the first place.) 

LorentJovet (5 days ago)

I have become more and more disgusted and bored by porn and plan to give it up seriously and this wouldn't have occured to me if it wasn't for this channel. Thanks !


brad462 (2 weeks ago)

Thank you for your comment, spirituality is a rarity in this world. I look at myself in disgust for buying into this trash.


vometcomet (1 month ago)

Thank you for the kind words you left on my channel. I am happy to lend my support to such a noble cause. I have struggled with pornography much and still continue in this struggle. Your channel is enlightening and informative. God bless you--Christian.


finalfantasyfan900 (4 months ago)

I don't watch porn any more because of your channel.
thanx ;)


TGB18GLYNN (5 months ago)

Wow i came across your page and im really starting to question my pleasure for porn and why so many females are quickly to do porn and degrade themselves for money and im also starting realize that men can also be degraded in gay male sex but in society we don't pay attention to that i know i don't because im not into that type of stuff i think there is so many straight guys like me who are attracted to these females that do porn whether it be girl on boy or threesomes and my favorite girl on girl ect... So i guess what im saying is im starting question why do i masturbate to these females who willing to degrade themselves when i know if had a daughter i would not want to see her perform sex to strangers for money!


freakypapa (7 months ago)

...I'm a porn addict.I love everything bout it. But...after seeing Ur videos I think I wanna change...Its too damn hard...Everything around Us promotes sexuality from regular ADs to hit Tv shows.


lorddagmawi (9 months ago)

i hope u are doing well in u're injury. after watching the u'r evideos about the porn industry; i decided t oquit watching. after a goddamn two yrs. of my life i reliezed that purno ruined my life and u help me relieze that. thank you. u are my DR.PHILL!!!!!!!!


2. To prevent young people, particularly young women, from entering into the sex trade, and reinforce the stand of those who already were not planning on doing so.  (And thereby prevent the harm that would have been done to themselves and others.)


nette626 (1 month ago)

Great work, i feel pity for women degrading themselves this way, dont they feel no shame letting guys get from all over the world get aroused, by seeing them get de-grated. I will never turn to that.


ilyecua955 (3 months ago)

ive actually have had thoughts of doing stuff involved in pornography
now that ive seen your video and account those thought are completely gone


Princesa3456 (5 months ago)

Thanks for inviting me to be your friend. It's sad how some of these girls turn porn into a job, i once was offered to do porn turned it down and glad that i did


simplyeverything101 (8 months ago)

wow this is such an important channel ....it really gives a voice to the girls out there ....PROUD 2 say im never doing anything in the porn industry ever in my life


RockOn263 (8 months ago)

I am proud to say that I am the big sister of 4 little girls who will never step fooot in the porn industry. The future is porn free!!!


tigerwoman (8 months ago)

Thanks for your friends invitation.

Porn is not only the art of the Devil it's also the war of the mind. Never been been in the business & I will never visit there.

Keep up the good work!


starrkissed (8 months ago)

what you're doing is great! keep exposing the porn industry for it really is so more men and women will know the truth about it and hopefully see that it is not a good path to go down.


BonnieBowen (9 months ago)

It's kinda funny to me because I had many offers to do porn and turned them down. I didn't know much about the industry. The reason I said no was because my boyfriend told me not to... I'm so happy I listened. Your "Porn Star Sasha Grey on Tyra" videos have really made me not want to take the offers. Thank you for posting them. 


3.  To create high impact videos that millions of people will watch that have useful commentary and additional educational material to help people learn from about the harms of pornography, the sex trade and sexism.


Bayngan (2 months ago)

Great Job with those videos! I cannot explain in words the beautiful thing you're doing. Porn has destroyed, and is still destroying millions of lives and relationships.


godislove010 (4 months ago)

hey, thanks for creating this amazing channel and posting this life-changing videos. Everyone, especially porn stars and porn adicts should watch them. Keep it up and God bless you


LoveeMe2Times (4 months ago)

wow what a channel! Great work! I've only briefly looked through your videos here [slow internet at the moment :( ] But what I saw was amazing. The Tyra Banks interview with Sasha Grey is eye opening to watch. Great job! Thank you for being so dedicated and passionate about this cause.


grazzellian (4 months ago)

Thank you for your video "Sasha Grey on Tyra". You transformed an ordinary interview with a teenage Porn Star into a thought-provoking teachable moment for everyone-- especially those young ladies on the verge of gambling their lives away, by dabbling into the sooty world of porn.

The annotations have great commentaries. I feel terrible that a young girl who is evidently so articulate, could be so blinded by the pleasures of her own little world and unconcerned about the ambient consequences of her seedy career. Sasha Grey knows her mind; but chooses not to do something about an industry which is evidently abusing her. She's in denial 100%, because she's incentivized by money and nothing else—regrettably, a selfishness which militates against all reasonable arguments.

You're definitely on the right side of the debate and we support you.


XxXFaith16XxX (4 months ago)

I think that your "Porn Star Sasha Grey on The Tyra Banks Show" videos are so great and that this channel is such a great thing. I like the fact that the videos stop and gives you heads up and stuff. It's very informative. =)


rainatwilight (5 months ago)

pornography is the most disgusting thing i've ever heard of....
no i don't want to watch some girl hav sex wid some otha guy
it's private thing..
thanx for the videos it's kinda gross but it teaches girls a lot of thingsss 


NefetariaY21 (6 months ago)

oh my gosh! i'm in tears..i'm shocked that young women would degrade themselves in such a way..wow!
i mean i know the things that go on in porn but to see them girls discuss their "work" like its pushing papers at a regular 9-5 is..jus..wow..


greennovel (1 year ago)

oh my gosh, love,love your videos!!!!
keep up the good work, anti-p
down with the BS


4. To give young people and others who are feeling depressed about the state of the world hope for their future and let them know that some people care about what they're going through and are trying to make it better, and to inspire them to care more and participate.


tkdDrummer27 (4 months ago)

I appreciate wat you do. im young and plz know that cause of ppl like you i can fear a little less about my future being so corrupt


longtallsallie08 (7 months ago)

this is great. and the comments are really inspiring, i'm glad people as young as fourteen can see whats wrong with glorifying all of these horrible things in a world thats fucked up enough already. keep fighting the good fight guys!


DogTownsWtF (8 months ago)

Don't stop what you're doing. You have helped many people stop using porn. You rule and you are an inspiration. Wooooooooo 


5. To especially educate young women and girls who are most vulnerable demographic for sexual exploitation and abuse.

volvo97000 (8 months ago)

Keep the good work to educate those young girls out there


drewlsy (9 months ago)

You do good work--kudos to you. You've done a mammoth job in compiling such diverse and wide-ranging information on this topic (here & at your blog), while conversely, you seem to be exposing some warranted Truths associated to this industry of which you are advocating against.

May you continue to gain influence on young women and bring awareness to their impressionable minds. 


6. To educate the general public about the harms of the sex trade and its connection to all forms of sexual exploitation, violence and abuse. (By providing original anti-sexual exploitation videos as well as a central location for everyone else's on YouTube, written information, and links to external references, etc.)

BSMART18 (6 days ago)

your welcome
thanks for the video
i learn alot because you
keep up the great work


tammia1987 (6 days ago)

Ur welcome
And thanks 2 u,u have educated me alot


spiffypanda303 (2 weeks ago)

I think what you are doing is amazing and I totally agree with all of it. It really gave me something to think about today and I'm sure I'll always remember some of the satistics your videos provided me with. Thank you so much. With tons of support and love, Holly :]

jvap1 (2 weeks ago)

Thanks for sending me the invite and uploading the videos. I really appreciate it. You've opened my eyes to subjects I wasn't aware of.


UTubesPersn (2 weeks ago)

Thank you for add and a HUGE thank you for your remarkable channel! You can no idea how many eyes you've opened! :)

Lots of Love,


DianaBoston (1 month ago)

The first step is understanding that females are human beings! The second step is to treat them as such. I love your channel for educating me about just how SERIOUS the porn problem is.


ahsjordan (2 months ago)

thank you for the? message you are putting out.
i have never been exposed to porn at all, so i never realized until i watched the sasha grey - tyra banks video that there was so much violence and degradation in porn.
that is so very sad and i don't know how anyone could ever subject themselves to such, or do that to another person.


LeMoNxP (3 months ago)

I read some of your thoughts yesterday but I couldn't finish them all. But I would continue (too much for my eyes to handle). This is one of the useful sites for me to get inspirations to write my speech on internet pornography. I agreed on this, too: "The only thing that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." I appreciate your devotion in educating us. Thank you for replying my questions. Hope to share more views in the future.



daisys124 (5 months ago)

this is a great way to teach girls who need help on these kind of issues.thank you so much.


Roldulffff (8 months ago)

very educational channel


7. To take people who are indifferent or even pro-pornography, and get them to become against pornography.


ariaane (1 month ago)

I used to be indifferent to porn, despite being Roman Catholic porn, although I would always keep such images from my personal viewing.

it's only in the last fe days that I've discovered a tangilbe link between rape and paedophilia to pornography. Now I wish for it to be stigmtised as heavily as possible and even banned.


flamehairedbeauty (4 months ago)

You're doing a great job with all your informative videos. It was your channel that really informed me of the dangerous and degrading side of porn and really made me an anti, so I thank you for that. Keep up the good work! 


8. To counter the massive amounts of pro-sex trade propaganda running rampant on YouTube, on the Internet, and in society in general, by exposing the true misogyny, cruelty and abuse of pornography and the sex trade in general, as well as sexism.


WarriorWoman09 (3 months ago)

your channel changed my views on Pornography...i never knew people suffer from it until they break and die...I always thought they loved it but in reality they dont...I'm glad you have this channel on YT


washtubchronicles (9 months ago)

Thanks for the invite. Gladly accepted. And thank you for exposing the filth that lurks in the "adult film industry". Take care and Ill see ya around. 


9. To reach people who weren't looking for antipornography information and enlighten them as to the truth.


ih8kkk (2 months ago)

I originally looked up Sasha Grey because I was a fan, but when I clicked on the interview with her, I realized how horrible this is. I never seemed to notice the


And other horrific parts, but now I realize how this has to end. 


10.  To reinforce the views of those who are already against the harms of sex trade and sexism.


rumismyfriend (2 months ago)

im so glad i watched that tyra interview with sasha grey. it hasnt so much changed my view - i always found that type of porn vile - but strengthened it and provided evidence for how awful it actually is.


Gaangin88 (3 months ago)

That's porn for you. Making women feel like they are worth nothing. Sometimes I wish I could save everyone in the world. By the way, I am a guy, and I hate it when I hear stereotypes or read comments about people stating that every man loves porn. Especially me being infantry, I hear that a lot.
Thanks for intensifying my point of view about porn.


11. To support former sex trade people who are now speaking out against the pornography industry.


lianneuk74 (7 months ago)

Thankyou for adding my video and adding me to this blog, anything thatc I can do to help please let me know. I will have another video for you soon which is really shocking but all true x


12. To provide helpful resources for other people who are wanting to help fight against sexual exploitation and abuse, and a space for others to share information with everyone at YouTube about what can be done . (And a compilation of simple things that anyone can do to assist and contribute.) 

afghanistanomid (4 months ago)

We are with you. Tell us what we can do for you, for us, and for everyone. We should do something!!!


origen01 (5 months ago)

The Senate Judiciary Committee held hearings last week on David Ogden's nomination. The Committee may vote this Thursday (Feb. 12) on the nomination, and then the full Senate will vote within days. You can find Judiciary Committee Members here: judiciary(dot)senate(dot)gov/about/members(dot)cfm. You can contact your U.S. Senators by going to the senate(dot)gov website or by calling the Capitol switchboard number at 202-224-3121.

You can also just call the Senate Judiciary Committee Majority & Minority Offices: 202-224-7703 & 202-224-5225 and state your own objection to this nomination.


origen01 (5 months ago)

If anyone wants to actually combat the porn industry's abuses in the U.S.A., (not just giving lip service), do this:

Call your Senators (Democrat or Republican) and ask them to question Deputy Attorney General nominee David Ogden's stance on pornography. (Legal term is "obscenity".) Or you can ask them to simply vote against his confirmation. The adult industry is really pushing for this guy to get confirmed and he might likely push for the overturning of pornographer Max Hardcore's conviction and John Stagliano's (aka "Buttman") pending Grand Jury investigation. (Ogden has a history of defending pornographers.)


DoctorLightXIX (8 months ago)

There is a book titled "Pornified" that is really interesting for those of you interested in reading about the societal and familial effects of pornography. I highly recommend it to anyone who is or isn't against pornography. A very telling, interesting read.


Chelsea432234 (9 months ago)

hey thank u for the invite. i use youtube to find new music, and i do listen to great deal that supports women and their rights. I suggest you check out, "Freedom Rap Version" (on youtube) Its a collection of famous female rap artists speaking out on the way the "industy" and society treats them. :) 


13. To set an example for and mentor select individuals who are seriously interested in making a major contribution of their time and energy by working at YouTube on sexual exploitation issues.

TheChildAdvocate (3 weeks ago)

Came here to say hello. And thankyou for the great channel and being a great friend.



yunakelis (2 months ago)

keep up your amazing work. i will always support you. and thankyou for always being there for me.


14. To humanize women and girls in the sex trade and increase empathy for them and the desire to help them .

amandamijtap (3 months ago)

u r an an amazing person adn u have created an amazing channal. no its not just a channal, its yur feelings and what life is about. u have such a positive attitude and that is so important in something like this. ur have power and pride and that is what these porn stars and prostitutes need. men might think oh theyre just a typical whore who cares about them. but that is so sick when men do that. these girls need help and not 2 be used for sexual pleasures. God bless you


manonfire4tube (7 months ago)

You have opened up my eyes. It is awkward that i have failed to notice the injustice towards women in porn. Let me add that pornography also had a negative influence on my life.


15. To help women and girls gain greater self-respect, self-esteem and strength and reinforce the strength that they already have, and to help them realize that they have more important qualities and contributions to make to society and to others than their sexuality .


KarenNicoleKY (3 months ago)

I love your annotations in videos. I only pray that the women invovled will see it, as well as women planning on getting involved. We as women and people are WORTH sooooo much MORE. Our generation needs to know that. Thank you for making this page and stepping up like this. Its awesome!


caligirlhollister (6 months ago)

just want to say thanks for putting this out there, (the anti-porn thing), cause it really is important for girls to realize it's not worth it. I'm not too old and I know this one girl who has had sex 6 times, her first time in 6th grade. That's ridiculous. Anyways, thanks. :)


16. To fill a huge void and enormous need on the Internet and at YouTube in particular, by providing the only large, active, high profile, highly trafficked nonreligious, woman-focused social networking site speaking out against pornography, sexual exploitation and abuse.


Punkie282828 (3 weeks ago)

I am so happy to have found your youtube! it's amazing! :D


CADeane (2 months ago)

Your site is AMAZING. Please keep up the good work--you are so NEEDED. There are many of us in this fight together with you!


arabgirl66 (3 months ago)

I really want to thank you. I'm happy to have someone good and decent like you here on YouTube.
Those girls in porn are not slaves or machines to be degraded. I hate men who want to use girls like that.

May God bless you.

really u have the mentality


peepchick101 (3 months ago)

Thank you for this great channel! Good work :)
We need more people like you!


brucasluvaa37 (4 months ago)

i love what you're doing here on youtube..whether people respect you or not..you're doing great things :)
this channel makes me so happy but frustrated at the same time--thinking about the sick-minded masochistic people who enjoy watching or being a porn star.
ugh whatever.
but great channel :)
please comment back! 


woaini4evah (6 months ago)

Thank you for making a youtube channel like this. This is unbelievable.. I can't believe how people would let these things happen to them. It makes me really sad. I hope this channel can reach out to more people. Thank you for doing this.


CarolX2 (6 months ago)

*** Thanks for the friend request! This is probably one of the most important (if not the most important) channels on youtube. It still stuns me to this day how people find prostitution/porn to be normal and even liberating when it's literally glorified rape and slavery. If we glorify the degradation of womyn when it comes to something that's supposed to be the epitome of pleasure, one can only imagine what that means for everything else that involves womyn in everyday life. That's why porn/prostitution should be THE key issue when overcoming misogyny and sexism. Keep fighting the good fight!


Alternate2GOP (9 months ago)

I'm glad there's someone on youtube willing to step-up to something that is so big a problem people would rather rationalize it than solve it. Keep up the good work!


oclandestin (9 months ago)

Hi there, Thanks for the invite. What a wonderful and interesting channel you have... much-needed on youtube. Peace and best wishes : )


digimaton (9 months ago)

Good work. We need more of this. People need to wake up to what is going on. But lets also look at the bigger picture, why is it we have a little society that objectifies and exploits human beings at every level, and not just women in porn? Capitalism is the real issue. As long as profit margins come before human rights, and we have governments that sanction this system, there will be a problem.


clairebearrrr (9 months ago)

Oh my god, I never thought I'd find a channel like this on Youtube. I LOVE YOU! :D

I absolutely detest pornography, and usually have to put up with being called a "stupid feminist" everytime I go on about how women are degraded and abused. And then getting told that "porn is not degrading and it is NOT aimed towards men"...hah. And a woman actually said that to me.


ngK44 (9 months ago)

Pornography is an evil industry. Morally speaking, it should not still exist in a modern society. Women have "equal rights" and yet are still exploited and degraded on screen for the gratification of perverts. The only reason the government have not banned it completely is that it rakes in so much money, despite sapping the economy and corrupting the minds of the young. I'm extremely glad to see that there is an organisation standing against the corruption. Keep up the good work.


17.  Continue to moderate the most active discussions about pornography and related issues on YouTube  in the comments sections below AntiPornographyBlog channel  videos.


-- Over 17,000 comments moderated so far. One video number 16 in most discussed nonprofit videos.


18.  To connect with and support others of like mind on YouTube fighting against sexual exploitation and abuse.


ProtectChildrenInc (3 months ago)

Great channel. Very informative. Thanks for standing up! Thank you for subscribing to the child sexual abuse prevention videos and work of Protect Children Inc. Your support is greatly appreciated. We offer on our site for free direct download, prevention and help guidelines. These guidelines cover the full scope of preventing child sexual abuse and also contain some help and understanding for children that have been abused. Thanks again and keep up the fight. ---Protect Children Inc.


Homemadegameguru (3 months ago)

Thanks for the kind words on my video about my female empowerment trading cards. Still trying to get the word out on this product and the woman's shelter donation I'm making. Your comment really made my day. Cheers 


19.  To comfort, support and assist survivors of sexual exploitation and abuse and their loved ones. (By letting them know that someone cares and is speaking out to prevent similar atrocities happening to others.)


nikoeternal (1 month ago)

Thanks! I was molested by a teenager at a young age, so I appreciate your work. Keep it up! =)


snicolesmith1984 (2 months ago)

I don't do much on you tube except watch random videos, and it was during this time I stumbled on your tyra banks video of porn star sasha grey. the video on your page "mad world" was...powerful. I had to watch it twice and it left me numb. I have a young cousin who was molested by a 28 year old man. He was successfully prosecuted. She craves male attention and I think she believes she is nothing without it. She equates sex with love and to me that is the one of the most cruel ways to take advantage of someone. I think we have to teach girls early so they have enough self respect to not sexually exploit themselves. I don't think the demand for exploitation will ever go away, but perhaps there will be a handful of women saved, who choose not to walk down that path.


DisneyFansAlliance (4 months ago)

The purpose of your account is breathtaking. I support you all the way. I hate how all the other boys I know love sex and try and force me to like it to, when I clearly DON'T! 


20. To reach out to people in the sex industry and supporters of it and open up a dialog to build bridges, educate, and create positive change.


hashfromplan9 (1 month ago)

that's so weird that you added me as a friend, because on my profile it lists my third occupation as an AV Model, but i'm very accepting of other peoples social/political beliefs, and it will be so fascinating to converse with someone with such an interesting stance on an oft-unspoken phenomenon, that being pornography.


21.  To provide an easily accessible and high profile public space where the harms of the sex trade, sexism, and sexual abuse and exploitation can be documented and learned from, and therefore better dealt with.


tammia1987 (1 week ago)

I 100% agree with u its disgusting all u see is sex on t.v
Im 16 and men disrespect me and it annoys me because not all women are like dat

TheKateleah (1 week ago)

really do wanna thank you for what your doing about trying to stop porn. I used to do porn and prostitution when i was 17. I now am 19. I've been off the streets for 3 months. Keep doing what you're doing. :)
Sincerely, Rebekah


AVoiceCrying33 (1 month ago)

Thank you. You are doing good work here. I have been prnography free since October and I thought I never would be free, thank God. Porn is one of the most corruptable things on the planet God Bless


sarah20xoxo (1 month ago)

theres a lady on youtube that puts up animal porn. i reported her but she keeps making more accounts. shes one sick freak. she harasses me on here and others too. 


speedcruz (1 month ago)

As someone who suffered with pornography addiction, I can only wish you the absolute best of luck in what you're doing. Pornography almost distroyed my life, I don't want that happening to anyone. 


ChrisBranleh (2 months ago)

Im addicted to porn and i need help


jasonjarvis1988 (2 months ago)

women get treated appalingly,especially in the u.k were i live. Porn degrades the union between two lovers. It makes women look like objects. It should stop though the U.S are raking in billions from this slave trade. Its brilliant page to enlighten people to the facts.


IamAwake86 (2 months ago)

Wonderful to see this kind of channel. As a recovering sex and pornography addict, I would like to say that there is hope. Pornography destroyed my life and held me in its evil grip for many years. It severely impaired my ability to have a healthy, loving intimate relationship. For a time I thought that I was hopelessly impaired that sex without abuse, dominance and cruelty was not possible for me. That a healthy loving relationship was beyond my grasp. I no longer believe that. Through 12 step programs and support groups I have been abstinate and porn free by the grace of God for almost 4 years. Thank you for letting me share and God Bless


vjfan67 (3 months ago)

i don't get it with porn. it is disgusting, but even more so when i was in school, and i saw these teen boys with a porno magazine right next to me. there was a nude girl on the cover.


ZenBarracuda (3 months ago)

I started drinking when I was in was 22. I quit drinking three years ago. I became addicted to porn when I was just 13. I think the only way I can possibly give it up now is by way of a cold, hard shock. I need a moment of clarity. I thank you for the work you are doing here. I will continue to view your information. If you succeed in preventing just one person from viewing porn then your efforts will have been worthwhile. Finally, let me just say, your kindness, love and compassion has touched my heart.


mynutsac (4 months ago)  (Pending approval)

i'm addicted to pornography and honestly its taking over my mind. Do u know what i mean? I'm going to HELL!!!


P3AC3B0Y (7 months ago)

I want to say. I don't like porn. And in one way, I don't... still, I can't stop it! Still, I may be addicted, nevertheless I'm against it!


EPcentral (7 months ago)

*** thank god someone is finaly doing something about this, im only fourteen and ive been addicted to internet porn for the last 2-3 years, i decided to stop after it began corrupting my mind and i was no longer able to really enjoy life i have finaly managed to stop recently although it was incredibly difficult and it took about 7 months to completly get rid of the horrible thoughts

if i can do anything to help please let me know


freespeachrulez (8 months ago)

Pornography is progressive, addictive, and deadly. I know because it almost cost me my life, I lost a marriage because of it. I risk loosing my son because of it.


MELMOVIELOVER08 (11 months ago)

Thanks so much for joining i am a victim of porno some freak on
youtube wrote to my channel and said very graphic things



22.  To help create a large community of like-minded people on YouTube, on the Internet, and in the world, who are willing to start doing something about pornography and related problems,  as the beginnings of a mass global movement fighting against sexual exploitation and abuse, by inspiring, supporting, educating and assisting all those willing to help -- especially young people.


xGlitterheartx (1 month ago)

Excellent page, thank you for creating this. It's amazing to see other like-minded people who view pornography as a deep social and moral problem. The sad thing is, many have been socialized to believe that pornography is a natural part of everyday life through desensitization with the media. I hope more people support your page and hopefully hold on to the straws of this moral decline! Women should not be objectified!


remisenstyrer (2 months ago)

Thanks for accepting. Let´s fight porn


Blappymp (2 months ago)

Hi, I really liked looking through this channel. My whole perspective about the porn industry changed I must say, I have never been a fan, but now I feel like we need to change people's view on this. I will try to spread the word as much as I can. Keep up the work


sibawi (4 months ago)

Hey. Let me tell you that you're doing a great job. As a Muslim I believe and I always say "stop abusing women."
I have always had this idea that porn actresses are being abused and forced to do so many bad things and that those people who are abusing them should be stopped.
Well I hope you can convince people that porn is not good. It's really difficult because people become obsessed with porn. But at least you can try, and if you need my help, well I'm here.


MissElanaC (5 months ago)

I am so excitied, I am working on my very first anti-porn blog on myspace and I met so many people at my middle school who openly admit to use of pornography and I added them on myspace. I am going to help the anti-porn team win.


krystalvictor (6 months ago)

Oh wow im so amazed by this. About what all you were doing. And to think i use to watch porn makes me sick to my stomach. If theirs anything i can do to help you out with this anti porn stuff. I can help. Just ask or w/e im so willing to help. And thank you so much for posting that video up. :)



xmillionaire (7 months ago)

ill help you


Keenan4life (7 months ago)

I just wanted to say that I totally support you. If there's anything I can do for you please tell me.


jadepntr (7 months ago)

I hate the filth on YT...I have very young nieces and nephews on here and it makes me so angry that they can access this filth. There is much more than this for me, I hate that they see the filthy comments that are made, there is a four year old on here singing and a man made the most horrible comment on it.
If I can help let me know.


istavida2008 (8 months ago)

How can i contribute into this???? i wanna stop pornography so badly but i just don't know how? i know u can stop a seller from producing his product by simply not buying his product, he'll lose money & he'll eventually stop, i mean wahtsa' point from producing something that don't sell or has customers?? ... but how can we stop men (customers) from watching pornography??? we do know that men watch porn more than women


jazzianime (8 months ago)

i so agree with you porn is discusting and so much of it seems to be centered around children or teenagers in highshcool. i mean the whole schoolgirl thing is so nasty and this lolicon stuff is so popular it makes me physically ill. porn is going to far when it sexualizes children!!!!! thanks for the add. what can i do to end lolicon!!!!


quran777 (8 months ago)

Thanks for the invite and the information. I will spread this knowledge to everyone I know. Stay peaceful and keep spreading the knowledge! Peace.


kindu2006 (9 months ago)

We as a people if we unite together, we can bring end to this sordid affair that is destroying the essence of our women. This, in my opinion, will ultimately mean to destroy the capitalist system in which we live. We must eliminate the CAUSE of the problem, and in order to achieve this we need to REVOLUTIONISE our minds and reject the lies that have been thrusted upon us by an anti-life, and anti-women patrichial society! Stay blessed.


LeahDarkAngel (9 months ago)

Thank you so much!
Women of all ages feel pressured to do these things and sometimes there are people who make it seem like pornography isn't as bad as it really is.
I'm showing this channel to all of my friends and hopefully, they'll change their minds on what they think about that industry.
Thank you!


23. To support males with integrity who have decided to stand up and do the right thing and not sexually exploit women and girls, by providing a space for them to take a stand and connect with others of like mind, and by reinforcing their views and position with positive feedback on educational materials.


BenderCP (4 weeks ago)

Porn doesn't only degrade women, but it degrades men aswell. Nowadays it is stereotypical of guys watching porn and being insensitive 'users' with no feelings.
Porn also degrades love. Most people who regulary watch porn, see sex as an easily acquireable feature instead of a huge expression of love.
Now most porn addicts see women as tools instead of people with feelings too.
I hope there are other guys like me who feel the same about this subject.
I tried to explain most of these points to other guys, but most of them don't understand.
I'm looking forward to the progress of this channel =] 


mitchee009 (2 months ago)

hi dear friend,

i call you dear friend, because your channel has taught me very powerfully. as a young man, i have watched porn, but after your enlightening words, and especially, watching the Tyra Banks interviewing the 16 year old prostitute, and Sasha Grey; wow... very meaningful to me as a young man. i have always loved woman, in a very heartfelt way, but still was attracted to the eroticsm of porn. all my friends, some family, and men i was around and i liked porn, and many still do. but as i grow older, and appreciate the Power of a woman, and her heart and emotional realm, that is definitely beyond us men, i have come to sincerely appreciate this.

it is an honor to know and be friends with you, because you have certainly empowered me as a young man of 29, and with out a doubt, deeply improved me into a better, more conscious man.




matnatz (5 months ago)

Hello there. I am male and I am in my early twenties. I'm not sure if I am actually the target demographic for the porn industry or not but I dislike it. I don't like how the the women are treated. Even by other women they are treated awfully. I find it all quite disgusting.


taylor355 (9 months ago)

I find this an interesting channel so I subscribed. I find it sad that as a male, when I express my opposition to porn, I am usually met with blank stares or amusement. It has infiltrated our culture so thoroughly that many people can't conceive that a male would be opposed to porn..apparently it is taken as a given that 'all men like porn'. How sad.


24.  To help others who are upset about sexual exploitation and abuse, especially pornography, feel less alone and more supported, thereby reinforcing their views and encouraging their further participation and willingness to speak out and create positive change.


blyth1972 (1 week ago)

Hi, thank you so much for setting up this channel! i feel like hardly anyone cares about this issue ! ! i do global studies as a college subject and it is shocking hearing about the sex trade that is running throughout the world! how could anyone even support internet pornography ? ! it is degrading and sexist and urgh i can;'t stand how boys/men are socialised to think it's ok ! ! urgh, anyway, thankyou for this channel, spread the message! ;)


Punkie282828 (3 weeks ago)

I'm honored to be subscribed to this channel! It's so hard to show people porn is wrong, and a lot of people that I know tell me not to think it's wrong. It's hard how peer pressure makes you feel so vulerable! I'm going to stay strong with my beliefs!
I hope one day people see their inconsiterance and change. I hope one day ALL porn is banned!


chocolatepoundcake (1 month ago)

THANK YOU - I don't feel as alone anymore with my views. Most men are so clichee-like insensitive with this subject, even in the light of hard facts about the porn industry. I don't think I can ever get into consuming porn, nor can I accept a partner who does. This is one of my core requirements in a partner, and amazingly, it has rarely been an issue with 'my? men'.


cranterny (1 month ago)

I'm so glad I found you guys on here. Its such a relief to know there's actually PEOPLE out there still. I completely support you guys. Thanks so much!


XxCoJakGirlxX (1 month ago)

thanx u 4 accepting, but r u against sex between 2 people, gay or bisexuals? btw, u r one of the best person i've met. i love your views and reasoning, but like CrusaderU2K said, we can't force the women out of the business. we can just hope peeps r realizing that this isn't good 4 them. its nice to know that someone nowadays (other than me) care about this.


chelseaXm (2 months ago)

Thank you so much for creating this channel! I am so glad to see so many people are on the same page as I am. God bless!


kimbubbly (6 months ago)

I am so glad something like this has been done and exists, i thought i was the? only person who is so anti pornography, i agree in all the statements you have written, there is no positive points about porn what so ever, if only everyone thought and agreed, its degrarding, disgusting, and there is nothing to be proud of to being part of it, its taking the whole concept of sharing something special with a partner behind closed doors, so something just immoral and seedy, there certainly needs to be a way to forbid these kind of films or what ever they wish to call it,.


NiWriRanMo (6 months ago)

I'm glad you're making a difference by showing how bad and degrading porn is to the population. I thought I was the only one against it, since so many people are okay with it nowadays. Glad to have found this channel!


ihatejb98 (8 months ago)

porn is sick and wrong , it also can crroupt your mind and make you think about sex all the time! its nice to know there are other people who cant stand it either.


DJ00Qt06 (8 months ago)

I'm so glad there's other people besides myself who are concerned with this issue. Someone who I am very close to has an addiction to pornography, so I would appreciate it if anyone here could keep them in your thoughts. Thanks so much!

Keep up the great work, by the way! :)


shininstar101 (9 months ago)

i find the whole sex industry disgusting and totalli unnecassary and im glad theres ppl dat agree wiv me :) 


25.  To give people logical, rational, fact-based and meaningful reasons to take a stand against pornography  and the sex trade, based on compassion, integrity, and caring for all women and humanity, rather than religious dogma or guilt or simply being told to by their parents, etc. (Or in addition to their already existing personal reasons.)


LovedocPJ (4 months ago)

hey thanks for posting those videoes real eye opener made me really think about my beliefs i'm religious so i dont watch porn, or woman being abused, but this helped me make sure that it was because it's what i believe is right rather than relgious guilt in a sense as in thats not what i'm, suppose to do, but yeah i'll be sure to spread the measage :) some of my friendsd need it lol


harry9393 (7 months ago)

congratulations on your site. as a teenage christian i think pornography degrades everyone who comes into contact with it - even at an `innocuous` level when uk tabloid newspapers publish topless photos of women i think it's bad because it makes boy disrespect girls and impairs their ability to form healthy relationships.

for any teen who needs help there's tapsafe - type it in to a browser followed by com and puritypeople followed by com.


Janvierireland (8 months ago)

I am glad that there is someone who is speaking against pornography from the perspective of it being against womens dignity.Now I would actually like to see action against it-I mean eliminating it and maintaining that elimination. 


26.  To provide a model of an anti-pornography position that is clearly not anti-nudity, anti-sex, or against any and all depictions of human nudity and sexuality, etc., but in favor of healthy sexuality, and that distinguishes between sexual depictions that are pornographic exploitation and respect full depictions of human sexuality. To make it clear that being anti-pornography is not because there is sexual content in the video or print content, but because there is degradation, humiliation, sexism, cruelty, abuse, etc.


krissy4nik (6 months ago)

Im glad you make the distinction between porn and erotica because when one suggests they are anti-porn they are equated with being anti sex and anti sexuality 


27.  To generally create greater respect and compassion for all women and girls everywhere by educating people about the truth of women and their dignity, and by providing a space for others to speak out about how and why they respect women and girls.


ThaiboxerAikido (6 days ago)

Yep thanks :)
I hope your channel saves humanity, and the disrespect for women.


TheStrokes229 (2 months ago)

I want to thank you for everything. You are doing a very noble and heroic deed. Your videos & ideas are great and I am so glad someone is speaking out against this issue in a respectful & reasonable manner. I must admit I have watched porn and I used to think it was harmless. But your videos have changed my views on it and I realize that when people watch porn, they are promoting the problem, which is harmful. I will no longer promote these videos that degrade women & promote abusive behavior.


nijeshniju (3 months ago)

I am a guy just like most young people that blog, chat and go online for sexy photos, etc. That's how I know porn star Sasha Grey. I heard that she had a bad past life, and I came to YouTube to search for more info.
I was in tears while watching your videos of Sasha on the Tyra show. She is really addicted and more and more people are getting addicted. I used to watch pornos, but now I have a sense of awakening against it, and special thanx to you for that.
I love your idea and intention to stop this, and I too am seriously saying that this has to be stopped.
Can we think about creating a society, not thinking of profits, but a strong one against porn, etc.? Not in a very aggressive way, but in a way to help rehabilitate and awaken society?
Special thanx to you to make me a little different in thinking and lifestyle. I respected women before, but I came to know what they really are through your work. Thanx for that.

God bless
Nijesh CR


POSHLOVER12 (6 months ago)

i subscribed to your channel your videos are great and when people say things like porn and prostitution arent bad they dont really see how big the problem is STDs are really serious and people should take that seriously im a 18 year old boy and i think things like porn are bad they treat women badly for money its the same thing as prostitution and should be illegal i would never treat any women like that and think sex is suppose to be romantic and safe and most people who watch porn are pedos and they think they can treat normal women like that and thats what makes them abuse and hit women or rape women or seek prostitutes i have lots of respect for my girlfriend and i would never let her get involved in something like that porn is so wrong 


28.  To open people's eyes and give them a new perspective on pornography and the sex trade and get them to think about issues that they previously were not aware of.


Churchboy03 (1 day ago)

Your awesome!! Thank you for this blog, this is giving me a new perspective on porn.


prey225 (2 months ago)



jizzmack (5 months ago)

you have really opened my eyes to the truth
keep up the good work!


metalpunkrock3r (6 months ago)

Thank you soooo much...I have seen a lot of your videos -- almost all of them. I agree with you guys so much...and you have made a difference in the way that I look at pornography. I have read all of the annotations....and everything is different to me now.


alphamop (8 months ago)

*** You ought to be very proud of yourself as I feel your videos have made me a changed man. My perpective of that world is off its axis completely now although amazingly I feel better for it. Keep up the good work as I know now this cause is very important.



 29. To set an example of not being afraid to confront the problems of pornography, sexism and the sex trade and to conduct activism in a mature, strong, rational, kind, compassionate, responsible, generous, helpful, well-informed and professional manner, thereby enhancing the image, message and effectiveness of anti-pornography, anti-sexism and anti-sex trade activism.


chezme19 (3 weeks ago)

Wow man!you do a great work, really great work , and i'm not agree with all your points but i respect that and i think you are a professional. You are doing it right!


SSAAize (1 month ago)

Congratulations. Your initiative is very attractive. People like you is what our society needs at these days.
Thank you very much for what are you doing.


titochion (1 month ago)

thanks for that amazing comment,you are making a honorable kind job here. the theme is outstanding, your job priceless for societys principles...great job pal.


MissesPapillon (2 months ago)

I love strong women- they are so rare in this world!
Stop violence at all! Stop child abuse!
It's not normal.
I am deeply shocked by the Tyra Banks-Sasha Grey interview. :-( 


SammyBee1315 (2 months ago)

your amazing.


peaceloverful (2 months ago)

Thank you for the friends invite. I love the way you have presented the facts so coherently. Keep up the good work, you have many supporters.


booksyn (3 months ago)

Great Blog, I respect what your doing. You're not just bashing porn; you're educating people on the true darkness behind all the sex and money that it entails. I hope people who are looking into going into the porn industry, particularly women, will read this blog and know what the hell they're up against. 


edwardcookiecutter (5 months ago)

This is a great group, you're not another 'porn is evil and women who act in porno movies are sluts, porn should be banned' group. This group uses sound arguments and great spokesppl, u rule


Praweech (7 months ago)

Great channel. All you hard work is commendable. Values and virtues are great asset, wealth and treasures for human beings. You have made your life invaluable by helping other make their life valuable. Happy New Year 2009!


VerViktoria (8 months ago)

Man, you are very well-informed and the site is more than informative.


DrDrew201 (8 months ago)

I think the way you try to convince people is wonderful. There's so few people with such a beautiful consideration of human being like you. Keep it up ! You rock.


sandrahadams (9 months ago)

It's always nice to meet and communicate with a wonderful person (team) like you. In one of your displayed videos you said: " We can all be part of the problem or part of the solution". I think you belong to the second type. Thank you for invitin' me!


laurissa88 (10 months ago)

i'm glad you have this page, somebody needs to stand up against this degrading industry. porn ruins alot of lives and marriages 


30. To refer people to all of the excellent anti-pornography and anti-sex trade resources that others have created that aren't on YouTube that they would not otherwise be aware of or have come across, so that they can learn from them.


jumpintogo (6 months ago)

after i saw the link to the slideshow presentation i felt so guilty about loving porn, now i swear im gonna stop looking at porn because i feel bad for what the girls otta go hrough.



31. To be kind to and support other anti-pornography people and people of like mind because it is the right thing to do and also so that they feel cared about and inspired to do the same for others and to help the cause more in general. (By commenting on their channels, being friendly in e-mails, inviting them to be friends, etc.)


BrilliantArtsyGirl (3 months ago)

Thanks so much for the comment, your really nice:)



Gemberland2004 (9 months ago)

Thanks for the request you don't know how much this means to me 

magicstardust (3 months ago)

Yeah I think we have to tell the truth about this. When I was a child cigarrette boxes seemed harmless and now every package comes with an advise saying "It gives you Cancer". Now smoking is sth not cool.
The same thing can happen to this porn industry if this kind of advertisement goes to schools and colleges. Children are more open to learning what is wrong and what is good...they seek for imformation. Once people get old they just follow the crowd when they have no real information.
Sorry for my not so good English I just wanted to share my opinion. 


 32. To counter the general concept these days that everyone likes, uses, and accepts pornography and all forms of the sex trade, by providing a central space on YouTube for people to publicly take a stand against pornography and sexual exploitation and abuse. (By their support of the AntiPornographyBlog YouTube channel, or other general statements.)

To provide people with a space where they can express their support and gratitude for an anti-pornography effort at YouTube or an anti-pornography effort in general.


OHARPOharpy (2 days ago)

Thanks for the add! Good channel, here.


OHARPOharpy (2 days ago)

I totally agree! Porn is degrading to humans.


iamgoddard (2 days ago)

Thanks so much for this channel and its well-reasoned and heartfelt information!

Back when Penthouse was my idea of 'hard-core porn', I laughed at anti-porn. Either porn got worse or the net makes the worst too easily seen. Whatever, porn these days is nothing less than a *defamation of humanity*. I can't believe I'm a member of a species that for enjoyment depicts its own fellows being harmed and abused. And I can't believe people think even a little S&M is part of a well-rounded sexual life. In all of our activities we should strive to honor the dignity and freedom of others and? ourselves.


iamgoddard (2 days ago)

My revulsion at pornographic depictions of women in part underlies my femininia project, which I envision as a sanctuary wherein the beauty and dignity of femininity can be honored through art. I want to devote my art to elevating the downtrodden female spirit. Abuse of women is so ingrained in modern culture that even some women defend the blatant ritual defamation of 'facials' as some kind of reasonable sex act. God, or someone, helps us!

What would the world be without channels, indeed beacons of light, like this?! Thank you!! ~Ian

HansiSchmansi81 (3 days ago)

Thank you so much about this Channel. It really shows that some People are not out of theyre minds. I hope more people will see that porns in that cruel way are just disgusting.


TangerineTangerine (3 days ago)

I found your page through earthlingsthemovie. Thank u for spreading this important information. There's nothing wrong with nudity or sex as such, it's the most natural thing (all animals are born naked, & only humans wear clothes & feel guilty about having a sex drive!) but unfortunately human nudity & sex have been sensationalized & our bodies exploited to the point where no one can see how ridiculous & out of proportion the whole thing is. Nowadays, sex sells everything from fashion to shampoo bottles. It's no longer religion, but porn industry and media in general that relies on ppl's guilt- They create a shock value of something natural- they exploit & go to the extreme just for the sake of profit. And then they call it "freedom of expression".

TangerineTangerine (3 days ago)

We are told what is desirable, beautiful & worthy of our attention- We are being programmed to BUY something which nature provided for free. So thank the porn industry and their warped image of sexuality, for prostitution & exploitation & abuse of adults, children & even non-human animals. It only makes sense that an industry that relies completely on shock value would produce & encourage these extremes. Lets refuse to be part of this fake sensation. /Peace

MIkeDaBBoy (4 days ago)

Thank you so much for this blog. I love what you guys are trying to do and make the world a better place. We cant make it a better place if people treat themselves like this. Keep doing what you guys do because i know that it's working!!!! 

augustusgl (6 days ago)

what a good channel


Drakillon (1 week ago)

I prefer erotism than porn, and I support your idea !



ThaiboxerAikido (1 week ago)

Wow good channel.

shelice108 (1 week ago)

Thank You so much for this channel. I think it is really important for people to start seeing just how dangerous and nonglamorous the sex industry is. I believe people are too stuck on the sex and money to see past to the risks and negative factors and it great that there are people like you to inform and educate.

stijnhouwer (1 week ago)

Thanks for accepting my invite. Excellent and important channel! 

PeterTheZoo (1 week ago)

I'm very much against pornography as well, even though I will admit I have problems with it. But there's nothing "good" about porn. And, yes, it is the a major cause of rape and other sex crimes. Death to all pornography, is my stance.

Keep up the good work. ;-)


jaker2880 (1 week ago)

Keep up the great work! How shameful that something such as porn can be called an industry.


xAvatar115x (2 weeks ago)

:) lol, ok I subscribed. Keep up the good work! I support the cause!!!

loveEUROPEhateEU (2 weeks ago)

Hey thanks so very much for the kind words. Keep up the good work i'll be sure to visit after a business trip.

P'S where i work; most managers from the office visit domi's to my surprise and disgrace.

NearlyFreeSpeech (2 weeks ago)

Sorry about the comment but theres no way getting through those girls in porn. Youre right about the whole porn thing though. i'm a guy i figured it out lol


spiffypanda303 (2 weeks ago)

Thank you so much for your comment, it really brightened my day!
I think that what you are doing here is beautiful. Someone really needs to speak to young women and men and explain what they're doing to their bodies is wrong. You are so right and it makes me so sad to see how so many feel that sex for money is the only way to feel love and attention when there are beautiful people [such as yourself] willing to reach out and help.
Also, people participating in porn and prostitution have serious health risks, so it's important that statistics are known.
Please, keep in touch, and I'll be sure to catch your next videos. Thank You again, Holly. :]


wwefuturewwediva (2 weeks ago)

i love what you do
spread the truth


RunawaySquad (2 weeks ago)

Very sad all those people lost to the porn industry


WarRogers (2 weeks ago)

Excellent channel. Pornography is evil


estherabels (2 weeks ago)

Thanks for the add and thanks for adding all the videos! keep up the good work! x

beekayaye (2 weeks ago)

I'm so glad someone has gone as far to create a channel about the harm porn has in our society.
To me sex is a very sacred and thing that is not to be taken likely.
Thanks fo adding me, I support your stand.
Keep up the good work, little by little we will create a better evironment for our children to grow.

UTubesPersn (2 weeks ago)

Thank you!

Porn is SAD - Sick And Sexist.


Nesku08 (3 weeks ago)

Just came here to say thank you for the invite and this great channel. :)

Darlenis10 (3 weeks ago)

well of course im ur friend and one of your supporters 110% =]


loveEUROPEhateEU (3 weeks ago)

Thankyou for the friend request, i'm honoured! Keep doing what you're doing, it's a hard job you've got being in a world of pervs (internet) I'm sure the ideologys behind it will one day grow old......

Also feel free too check out my videos on the "EU" a rapid,dreaded,lunatic and barbric dictatorship of Europe. 


cubcub (3 weeks ago)

Keep up the good work, you have my support 100%


tickedoffnow (3 weeks ago)

I'm soooo glad that you exist, I'm against pornography and I've been my whole life ever since, porn is a vulgar and disgusting degrading dirty business.


satothequeen (4 weeks ago)

Anti-Pornography Always~


saudiprinceo0o (1 month ago)

may god rewords you for this channel
you got my support


kanjeng16 (1 month ago)

I Supporting you to make anti pornography blog against a porno because in mynation (Indonesia) our nation have a Anti Pornography Regulation


marisolvelazquez218 (1 month ago)

Just dropping by to say hi & how r things 4 ya?
I'm glad 2 c that this channel is still up & running..& again ur doing a great deal of help to stop having ppl degrade their bodies & raising awareness to those that look @ porn.

Take care


KristinTheAxe (1 month ago)

Yes, porn is about degradation, not sex or sensuality. Excellent channel


chewie11301130 (1 month ago)

Although I like and watch porn I can certainly see how degrading and disgusting some porn is and for that I support this page.


SupHobagg (1 month ago)

I MUST tell you..I love love love love love your work. I cannot tell you how wonderful your word and research are. Thank you soooo much for spreading some truth!


TheHarmonyTheDeath (1 month ago)

i support what you are doing keep spreading the message against porn?


EngleSackJus (1 month ago)

Thanks for supporting the fact that there is NO pride in shaking your ass and slobbing on strangers 4 money. No matter if a person enjoys doing it, it's the risks that are involved. Porno-heads need to seriously wake up, and smell the coffee. Its time.


dedsh (1 month ago)

i hate porn, its like rap music, it degrades women and? men =\


GalaxyRover1020 (1 month ago)

Once the uneducated do the proper research their precious porn world truly isn't that glamourous.
Thanks for doing worthwhile work.


DiggingMyOwnGrave2 (1 month ago)

Am very impressed by your channel and your endeavor to reveal pornography for the obscenity it is; the countless lives destroyed...and to see it (however "soft") everywhere; movies, TV, advertising, the music industry truly horrifies me. This thing...It's vastly bigger than I ever could have imagined, & the ties into it are beyond shocking, truly. (I guess you know about "Monarch" and so much more)
Sending a friend invitation. Bless you & your endeavor.


legalfreak (1 month ago)

You are doing a great work,please keep it up!! :D


Twigginss (1 month ago)

U're the best.


brewdarrymore (1 month ago)

Like what you stand for. We are treating each other like objects and its very easy to loose your faith in human nature when you see whats going on in the world. Just shows the internet can be a force for good as well.


paraguayrules (1 month ago)

keep up? the work! porn is a horrible thing


vegan13star (1 month ago)

Thanks for the friend invite, and thanks for having such an awesome channel, in a sea of NOT so awesome ones. Nice to know I am not the only one who believes in treating ALL beings with dignity and respect.


majormotion731 (1 month ago)

Great thing you're doing here. Subscribing, and adding you as a friend.

Keep it up - you're all doing a great thing.



visionarydreams (1 month ago)

Thank you, I was amazed to see your site..it is so important..
Peace to you...


JusticeForUsAll (1 month ago)

Thank you very much for your support. It's greatly appreciated.
We support you too. Glad to meet you. Wishing you well.



lesson34 (1 month ago)

thanks for the add! I am also against porn


briant4 (1 month ago)

Thank you for standing up for women and having such a strong voice. You will make people think.


Marcinex (1 month ago)

thank you for inviting me:) This hannel is great


greenbookchannel (1 month ago)

tnx for the add man ,. ! your channel is good for evryone ,. so, continue this good thing and evrything , more power !

-philippine pride




Gal19new86 (1 month ago)

in one of my projects this year in colege i talked about porn as a problem in society. It definitely does nbot help society and il be honest i am not completely immune, all of my best friends discuss it openly with me and we share insight into how to overcome the problem. I want to be a better person and help society but its such a long road. I must start with myself first. Please pray for me anyone that reads this because i am a sinner. I need help. And i will try and pray for all of you people if i can. God bless.


krysie869 (2 months ago)

Thank u for acceptin' da invite! & Thank you for informin the masses on this important issue!


VomitonRBX303 (2 months ago)

Thank you 4 the invite, u have a very good channel!


cindyizonfiyah (2 months ago)

i like your channel very very much. thanks


TheChildAdvocate (2 months ago)

Awsome channel. Keep up the good fight!


sibawi1 (2 months ago)

very nice channel people must understand that porno is destroying our sociaty but 2 bad there are some people who thinks that porn is good cause it creats jobs nd raise money what dumb people


uruluk (2 months ago)

pornography is awful and without any morality, i hope these demons burn in hell, you got a good fight there keep it on


gator159 (2 months ago)

i am for your name completely


LordLebu (2 months ago)

Thank you for the add , against abuse of human rights , completely .


hhmmppffttss (2 months ago)

Thank you too for what you're doing here. I hope that you continue this because there will always be people on your side. :) God bless.


SenoritaPakistan (2 months ago)

I Love you
Yeah For this ;) Why anti-porn? Because porn degrades sex, women, & humanity.


bisna536 (3 months ago)

Thx for the sub and invite, you're doing good thing here:)


VictorLepanto (3 months ago)

It is a beautiful thing you are doing exposing the ugliness of porn. All the girls involved in this are, of course, beautiful. The porn takes their beauty throws it in the mud. Porn is especially damaging in how it warps the sexual interests of the little boys who inevitably find it. At the point in their lives when they are forming their understanding of sexuality, their curiousity leads them to these things. After that it often becomes impossible for them to have normal interests.


zertistar (3 months ago)

Good Job, keep it up! and keep defending it, GOD BLESS ya


theneillio (3 months ago)

nice channel?


ImSingingFromMyHeart (3 months ago)

You have a great channel. Thanks so much for spreading awareness and fighting against pornography!
Thank you for your support also!


DiscountTrendsetter (3 months ago)

Great channel



marisolvelazquez218 (3 months ago)

Good job!!!
Keep up the good work!



ioploki (3 months ago)

Thanks for the friendliness and thank you more for the important work that you do.


dariusdepad (3 months ago)

click my strong support for you cause!!!


BugottiGirl (3 months ago)

Thanks! I'm all for woman empowerment. I'm a Sexual response counselor...but anyway. Thanks for accepting :)


kimmi6666 (3 months ago)

no problem I am strongly against pornography i was happy to subscribe :)


shatterdwing (3 months ago)

Thank you so much for putting out this message...I don't even know what to say except bless your heart!


amandamijtap (3 months ago)

thanks 4 the friend invite. we should be great friends b cuz i totally agree with u about everything. God bless 


jasmine98diva (3 months ago)

Thank You for making this channel. I wish this WHOLE porn thing would stop. God Bless you. :)


Dimitric08 (3 months ago)

no problem ^ ^
we are lucky that people like you exist and talk about these kind of things.
Nowadays, daily life, makes more kids to follow that cruel way of life.


villenalix (4 months ago)

nice profile........


Iselsie (4 months ago)

I'm proud to accept your invite. Keep up the good work


guilhesas (4 months ago)

Thanks for invite.
Your channel is a very important one.


marisolvelazquez218 (4 months ago)

hi thanks for the add!
nice to meet you and nice channel you have here.
i subbed to this channel, feel free to sub back if you want.



meheale (4 months ago)

Thank you for this channel its very well informed and much appreciated. : )


eLTurbo86 (4 months ago)

You guys serve a good purpose. 


IluvBritneySpears101 (4 months ago)

I love what your doing!! Thankyou..your helping.


DiscountTrendsetter (4 months ago)

I love your channel


Molonca (4 months ago)

Thank you for adding me, God bless you and may he help you on your battle against porn.


xxoXfrenchieXoxx (4 months ago)

Thank you for adding me.

I love you guys.
Keep it? up =]


EngleSackJus (4 months ago)

Much Love to this Page. 0_0


Jaric55 (5 months ago)

Hmm I like this page and what it stands for...as long as it's approach is about educating about the dangers and consequences of pornography, instead of trying to censor or ban it. Good stuff.


RRCLshade45 (5 months ago)

Thanks for the add. I like what your doing.? Keep it up.


mzzbrown12 (5 months ago)

I love what you're trying to put out as a message -- that porn is bad. I agree. I'm behind you every step you take. I got your back. Hit me up.


ransisua (5 months ago)

You absolutely right. Pornography is absolutely haram.
In Middle East, it is called as a Zinah.
Long live Antipornography!!!!
???? ???? All?hu Akbar!!!!!


grinnaturemusic90 (5 months ago)

Hey awesome channel! Thanks for adding me. Keep up the fight for sanity : )


dreamgirlzz91 (5 months ago)

oh my god it's so great that you talk about such an important issue!
thank you soooooooooo much!
see you!


mabelsogn (5 months ago)

Important information and very well done!
Thank you from the2 of us!


anemarrie97 (5 months ago)

tnx for posting this vdeos...


odddom4 (5 months ago)

Wow, you have a lot to say, APA. Thanks for sharing your opinion.


fataljed (5 months ago)

cheers for the invite but i would feel bad to accept because i dont agree with porn i still watch it. Good luck with your cause. POWER TO THE PEACEFUL!


OnlineAzerbaijan (6 months ago)

I agree with you 


YellowHeroX (6 months ago)

Good job. I hope more and more people will watch Your videos.


Paolo4Tube (6 months ago)

Your channel is very very great!!! Thank you so much for this excellent job that you're doing to educate people about this great evil. May Peace be with you.


Blitess (6 months ago)

i hope more people support this


Domaniac792 (7 months ago)

im with ya >:(


futurearmysniper94 (7 months ago)

thanks for the invite :)
and of course i support you guys %100 :)


jeanky1984 (7 months ago)

GOD BLESS !!!!!!!!!!!


chilipeppers212 (7 months ago)

Thank you for the channel. This is something we really need to fight.


danieknoxville (7 months ago)

 (= supported!? 100%!!!!!!!!


pebi86 (7 months ago)

JEAH support from Germany!

Keep on what you doing!!

Shut the multi billion $ porn / sin industry down!!!


CSImiami4Shakira (7 months ago)

I support what you represent, Youtube and turned into Porntube.


Raymondbeacon1 (7 months ago)

thanx for the add dont be a stranger


kartowskiromgirl (7 months ago)

hey..i love your videos and your channel..kisses!


Obsidian433 (8 months ago)

Your channel is awesome. Thank you for making and posting these videos.


soxs36 (8 months ago)

porn is sick and i am so happy that someone is speaking up about it.


EvelinePL (8 months ago)

thankz 4 invite
i lov ur videos!!!


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you guys rock :)


Domaniac792 (8 months ago)

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zeniiii (8 months ago)

thank sooo much for the invite......I totally agree with u on this issue


wazzucatz (8 months ago)

keep up the good work! :)


dwaynewadeispeng91 (9 months ago)

I agree with you about the issue of pornography.


tiiaamii (9 months ago)

Thanks for? the friends invite


natinati1234 (9 months ago)



RYENZRO (9 months ago)

To each her/his own! Sex comes in all forms. However, I must admit that I agree and am impressed by "some" of your views.


xxoXfrenchieXoxx (9 months ago)

Thank you so much for creating this blog
and for the request..

i fuly agree with you on this.
i am against porn, how it represents women, and what it does to the new generation.


michikoww (9 months ago)

Oh, God bless your efforts! I am so in on this. :D


StephoPepper (9 months ago)

Good job, guys. Keep up the good work. Hope you change the world for the better!


AmericatheBabylon (10 months ago)

Please make a random comment on my site for my veiwers to see your channel and click on it. I think what your doing is a very important work! Thank you for what your doing. Love, Shawn


PetraLunaPolice (11 months ago)

Thank you for adding me to your amazing channel:)


Devilry00 (2 years ago)

Keep it up  


33. To create a public space for people who are against pornographic exploitation, the sex trade and sexism to be able to share all of their views and the various reasons that they are against these things so that they can publicly demonstrate to the world that there are many people against pornography, sexism and the sex trade and show all the reasons that hey are against these harms, so that others can read and learn from what they have written.


 magicstardust (3 months ago)

Yeah I think we have to tell the truth about this. When I was a child cigarrette boxes seemed harmless and now every package comes with an advise saying "It gives you Cancer". Now smoking is sth not cool.
The same thing can happen to this porn industry if this kind of advertisement goes to schools and colleges. Children are more open to learning what is wrong and what is good...they seek for imformation. Once people get old they just follow the crowd when they have no real information.
Sorry for my not so good English I just wanted to share my opinion.


wbarreguy (3 months ago)

Finding your channel was one of the greatest coincidences I happened upon. After reading in the news about the Boston med student, I ended up seeing a comment made by serial killer Ted Bundy prior to his death about how addiction to violent pornography the driving force behind his sprees and how he noticed almost every inmate in prison for violent offenses had the common thread of porn addiction. I'd never thought about that angle specifically, so the thought had weighed on my mind a lot recently. I thought of people I knew and the differences between those who are mostly porn adverse v. those who are heavily into it. By and large, the latter group really does seem more like sociopaths. I found your channel inadvertently while watching a new video by Tori Amos. Thank you so much for what you do.


icognito01 (3 months ago)

Have you read the recent news article about about a porn company offering Susan Boyle (the woman on Britian's Got Talent) to do porn for a million dollar? That's TERRIBLE!

Many people have shed tears from hear Susan Boyle sing and wowing the world with her vocal -- coming unexpectedly from a woman who you wouldn't think can do such thing. In our society, it seems we're so obsessed with looking young and sexy to become a music artist, Susan Boyle has captured the "heart" of people without having to look pretty. Her vocal comes from the soul and heart -- not of lust that's common in today's pop music.

How could a porn company thinks it's ok to offer Susan to do porn just to lose her "virginity"? It's sickening for anyone to think of such thing. Besides, that porn video will get leak all over the Internet, and she will be made fun of a lot more. I know Susan would rather lose her vocal than to degrade herself in porn.

The porn industry is purely about profits, greed, and lust.


greenpanda1423 (3 months ago)

I hope evrything bad in the world would stop like this and animal cruelty!


MonarchDeprogrammer (3 months ago)

Thank you the friend request. Your channel is a very informative resource. Thank you for raising awareness about the dangers of porn.

The comment was designed with the hope that it would grab people's attention so that they come check out my links and favourites list. There is much more to this than what most feminists and/or religious people are saying about pornography. The issues of satanic ritual abuse and MKULTRA connected with pornography models/actors are crucial to understand.

Keep up the good work.


HauntedOtaku (3 months ago)

Hello! :)
Thank you very much for adding me. In general, I can see why people might want to watch porn, but what they don't realize is that it destroys people. The things they do in porn are absolutely morbid, and i'm proud to say i have never watched a porno before. :D 


BeccaShmeccaforreal (3 months ago)

No problem, I love being Anti-Porn. It is apauling about how stupid, and sad, degrating porn is, my dad was adicted to porn and ever since i have been Anti-Porn, and this morning I decided to go vegan :) My parents arn't very happy about it, but I hope to get them to get the whole vegetarian/veganisim message. I just completely abhor how they treat the anmals in the factory farms, it is heinous. But thank you for the friend request. :)

God Bless,


lixfeorg1 (4 months ago)

money is easy picking in porn business
many people this days are looking for money which is easy to find especially lazy ones
i believe there will be a time that prn business will go down...


Onthebluebus (4 months ago)

I think what you're doing here, creating and inspiring is truly amazing. Hopefully many peoples minds and lives will be changed. I've only ever looked at a pornagraphic magazine once when I was young at 14/15 and haven't wanted to ever since. It really is unnecessary, degrading and something society could do without and would be much better for it Jules



cutesygirl (4 months ago)

hey =) i absolutely love this channel. thankyou so much for making it! its amazing. porn is gross, degrading, harmful and gives a really bad message! it really should be made illegal. 


icognito01 (5 months ago)

Asian American male also need to stop other Asian men from viewing porn as well! Rarely do I find an Asian American guy in a porn scene w/ another Asian girl. It's always the brainwashing of White men to be in interracial porn featuring Asian females. In fact, Asian men do not exists in porn (foreign censored porn from Japan do not count).

White guys like to go on their Asian fetish sexual conquest, yet at the same time ridicule Asian men as "small, nerdy, ching chong dork, this or that" and then they drool over the exotic Asian women as sexual objects.


mecakegirl369 (5 months ago)

I agree that pornography is dangerous, especially if in the hands of the wrong people. Porn causes mental distortions and traumatic experience.  Like what your doing with this page


medicallyblonde76 (5 months ago)

it is so disturbing how young female porn stars are today. i think the internet has a lot to do why these women chose this lifestyle. i hope people in the government do something about it. it really scares me what kind of people our children would be in the future if they are exposed and bombarded by these images on the net... makes me wanna go back to the 80's...


999Lorderon (5 months ago)

I totally agree with you, porn should be destroyed once and for all.


tweakynips (5 months ago)

Great channel. i think the mainstream acceptance and success of 'celebs' like paris hylton also plays a big part and that more and more young girls out there believe the sex industry is not just a career choice but a viable and proven avenue into celebrity culture. Thanks and good luck.


vairocana23 (5 months ago)

I realize that pornography is destructive to a person's physically, mental, emotional, and spiritual self. This includes those who perform in them and also those people who watch. All persons involved become gradually become dehumanize. Porn is merely debased mockery of personal gratification at the expense of another's subjugation. If we are to continue to strive on this planet then we must evolve out of the debased mentality that creates the desire for this type of exploitative media. 


meeko78 (6 months ago)


-- -- Because pornography degrades women, sex, and all humanity, including boys & men. Additionally pornography frequently glorifies and promotes sadism, masochism, rape, incest, pedophilia, misogyny, (woman hating), and abuse of and violence against women in general. It also creates demand for prostitution & international sex trafficking. Furthermore, it is a highly unregulated & abusive industry that frequently exploits vulnerable survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

On top of all these factors, It creates a false image for men or women that watch porn! It makes them think that there partner will do what the porn stars are doing, it will make you think that your partner will look and sound like a porn star and that is completely incorrect! Porn on all levels is wrong and it needs to become a bigger issue!


ojoscafe189 (6 months ago)

I cant believe how mainstream it is either... i remember when iwas younger it was STILL taboo .. at least a little more than it is now... im talkin about me being 12 yrs old 2000 i believe.. and it wasnt that bad.. nowadays its just a "most ppl do it thing" and it shouldnt be like that regardless of what religion or w.e. u are... it is just PSYCHOLOGICALLY BAD


zgenstru (6 months ago)

Yeesh so many STDs. I'm glad I found this channel.


Univerzall (6 months ago)

PEACE! I agree! If we got rid of those laws that legalize porn then we would have a much healthier and sane population. Some say that "it pays" but I say it exploits and disrespects the foundation of all life whether it be morally or physically. Now to those that justify it by saying that the "women consent to do this" is pure bull because the only way people are able to get in this industry is because it was made legal. So i don't put all the blame on the woman. I put the blame on those people in power who condoned this way of lifestyle in the minds of the innocent young men, women and children. PEACE


lixfeorg1 (6 months ago)

this should be implemented......... porn is bad it degrades women and tempts men to do crimes...


ilikeicecreamandcake (6 months ago)

good work. the biggest threat to america isn't al qaeda or hurricanes but socially detached porn and drug junkies, people who will trample over each other on black friday and kids desensitized to violence.


RockOn263 (6 months ago)

I can not believe how mainstream porn is. The other day I saw a girl I am guessing about 18 wearing a shirt that says "Porn star" on it. I almost wanted to laugh and say something to her about it, but I did not.


keepyourfriendscloze (7 months ago)

i hate porn

it's unnormal

it's disgusting


rockgoddess94 (8 months ago)

Porn is so disgusting. I have no idea why anyone would want to do it. I degrades women, and it can make you sick with all the STD's! I cant even bear to watch it! I cant beleive some people actually drink things like sperm,urine,and enemas. Thats just plain friggin nasty!!


fairyprincess246 (8 months ago)

i think porno should only be shared with your lover, not on the internet. obviously kids see it, no matter how safe their internet is.. and it does send out a bad image. why do you think so many girls who JUST turn 18 do it? to get recognition the easiest way on the internet.


vizion24 (8 months ago)

Thanks for the friend invite. I personally believe pornography is evil.


abood11987 (9 months ago)

pornography is degrading HUMAN BEING, not only women


hula79tahitian (9 months ago)

Great job! I subscribed to you! it's true, men & women don't have to do this for a living..sure, you get money but then..all that money is gone and prettyt much all you're getting is STD's and other horrible, horrible stuff..but anyways, thank you for making this youtube channel & God bless :)


skkygirl (9 months ago)

Pornography is the work of the Devil. I agree with you whole heartedly. This world is going to hell...


Ankoina45 (9 months ago)

I believe porn not only degrades women, but the idea of love and intimacy.


ZhaneAugustine (10 months ago)

good job here. Do not forget porn also degrades men too!




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*Pat Trueman  (Founder of Pornography Harms) Pamela Paul  (Author of "Pornified")

Dr. Jill C. Manning (Author:"What's the Big Deal about Pornography? A Guide for the Internet Generation")

Dr. Judith Reisman   *Dr. Robi Sonderegger



*Shared Hope International     Free the Slaves

*IJM Institute (International Justice Mission)   *Global Centurion   *Live2free

*ECPAT - USA (End Child Prostitution & Trafficking)  *Beyond Borders (ECPATCanada)

*T-Stop (Texas Sex Trafficking Obliteration Project)   *Love146 NYC Task Force

*End Slavery NT (End Slavery in Tennessee and Beyond)   *Chab Dai Coalition

*Justice and Care (South Asia)  *Rock Against Slavery   End Demand

Overexposed, the Movie   Call and Response, the Movie    *Nowhere2Hide

CASEY (Community Against Sexual Exploitation of Youth. Canada)   




*Parents Television Council   *Web Wise Kids   *InternetSafety.com

*ClearInternational   *Cyber Safety Book  (Ken Knapton)   *Optenet PC



*PornAddictionHelp YouTube Channel - AntiPornography.org project with MANY videos & resources!

*Inner Gold    *Fight the New Drug   *Compulsion Solutions   The Mindful Habit

*Porn Game Over    MeadowCrest   Your Brain on Porn    HealthySex.com (Wendy Maltz)   Reboot Nation

Sexual Recovery Institute    *Just Be Well    *No-Porn.com  No-Porn.com Message Board

*Impulse Treatment Center (Sex Addict Treatment - Don L. Matthews)   *Covenant Eyes   *Stepping Inward

*Mindful Recovery   My Porn Addiction Story - Porn Addiction Help from a Former Addict

Porn Addicts Anonymous  Porn & Relationships Q&A (By "Porn Trap's'" Wendy Maltz)  Addicted to Internet Porn

Porn Addict Hubby  (Relationship Rescue for Wives & Girlfriends of Internet Porn Addicts)

Partners of Sex Addicts Resource Center    The Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH)

Don't Reward Bad Behaviour - Guidance for Partners of Porn Addicts  Desert Solace

Petra Bueskens of PPMD Therapy (Australia)   PPMD Therapy Facebook   Guilty Pleasure

QuitPorn Group Text Hotline - "To become a member and join our group text community, start by texting QUITPORN to 23559"  Twitter: @QuitPornHotline  YouTube: QuitPornTextHotline



Check out this very helpful directory of over 1,000 entries in the United States!




Saavi Accountability -- The only online accountability program that works with all online addictions. It is also the only program that sends notifications instantly via text message to an accountability partner so that they can be supportive when an individual needs it the most at the point of weakness, while they are accessing the online content. The software was created by a young man (26) who overcame his addiction and is trying to help others.  



No-Porn.com Message Board

Porn Addict Hubby Discussion Board  (For Wives & Girlfriends of Internet Porn Addicts)

NOTE: There are MANY anti-porn and porn addiciton discussion groups and pages at Facebook.

Just search GROUPS and PAGES for "porn addiction", "pornography addiction", "sex addiction", "anti-porn," "antiporn," "anti-pornography" & "antipornography"


For more than 50 personal stories documenting the harms of compulsive and/or excessive pornography use and/or pornography addiction please see our "Porn Harm Stories" page.  Thank you.





OTHER HELPFUL FAQs & Q&As: (By other anti-pornography organizations, etc) 

*Gail Dines Q&A     *Against Pornography FAQ    Pornography FAQ - By Pro-feminist Michael Lovan

  *Shelley Lubben Q&A (Ex-Porn Star)    Prostitution FAQ at Genderberg      Fight the New Drug FAQ   

(Note: The No Porn Northampton FAQ is in the bottom half of their sidebar. In addition to the usual questions about pornography it addresses questions and concerns about activism against sexually oriented businesses such as "adult bookstores.")

AntiPornography.org's "Frequently Asked Questions & Responses to Pro-Pornography Arguments"


Shared Hope International specifically focuses on fighting the demand for commercial sexual exploitaiton, including addressing pornography as a very significant demand factor for sex trafficking. 

Please see their excellent report on this issue:

Pornography: Creating Demand for International Sex Trafficking


"Pornography is a marketing device for sex trafficking: It normalizes degradation and violence as acceptable and even inevitable parts of sex, and uses the bodies of real women and children as objects. The difference between pornography and erotica is clear in the roots of the words themselves -- porne means females slaves, eros means love -- so pornography, like rape, is about violence and domination, not sex. Millions of lives depend on our ability to separate pornography from erotica, and to disentangle violence from sexuality."

Gloria Steinem, 2006

For information about Gloria Steinem's important work of fighting against the harms of pornography, sex trafficking and other forms of sexual exploitation and abuse, including videos and an audio interview, please see our page on Gloria Steinem. Click here.


For more information on how pornography fuels prostitution and sex trafficking, please see our page on Pornography and Trafficking.  Click here.  Thank you!



Please remember that it is not up to AntiPornography.org, the other organizations listed on this page, the government, or "someone else" to do the entire job of fighting against the devastating harms of pornography, prostitution, trafficking, and other forms of sexual exploitation or abuse. It is an enormous job and the responsibility lies with each and every one of us to do our part as part of the bigger team of those who are choosing to be part of the solution of creating a more just and humane world for everyone, rather than be part of the problem.

So thank you in advance for whatever you are able to contribute to the cause, whether in the form of a tax-deductible donation or your actions. What you do does matter, so for the sake of all those across the world who are being exploited and abused, and for the sake of the future of humanity, please do what you can to create a more compassionate and safer society for all.

Thank you for whatever you are able to give or do to help create a better world for everyone, especially for women, children and future generations.




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